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SHELLSHOCK UPDATE: Additional Bash Vulnerabilities Identified

There has been a lot of confusion about CVE’s and ShellShock. Questions have come up like why so many different CVE’s? Which one should I implement? So we decided to put together a little information. Fist of all, to understand the bugs you first need to understand what a CVE …

October 03, 2014 //

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Shellshock vulnerability: impact, analysis, and protection.

This week Stephane Chazelas, an Akamai security researcher, discovered an interesting bug in the Unix Bash (Bourne Again Shell) shell – known as “Shellshock” or “Bash Bug”. This vulnerability affects a wide range of operating systems (Unix, Linux, OS X), routers, and other technologies, making many of the systems we use on a daily …

September 26, 2014 //

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Home Depot Breach

Home Depot is yet another victim of credit card theft this year. They are in good company with Target, Michael’s, Specs, Neiman Marcus, P.F. Changs, and White Lodge. This trend shows us that retailers are having a tough year keeping ahead of their malicious adversaries. It’s being reported that the …

September 03, 2014 //

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Blackhat 2014 Review – Breaking the Security of Physical Devices

At Blackhat 2014 Dr. Silvio Cesare did an excellent job talking about the security of physical devices. His talk focused on systems that are deployed that rely on radio frequency to function. This includes business, home, and car alarm systems, security gates, and any radio frequency controlled device. He started

August 27, 2014 //

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Exploit Monday – A few Interesting ones to be aware of

This weekly report is to discuss some of the more interesting vulnerabilities that have been found and to make sure that you patch appropriately. If there is not a patch available make sure to check for signatures or patterns that you can use to build content for your compensating security …

August 18, 2014 //

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