Web Security Manager
with Active Watch

Active Web Application Security, Management Included

Web application attacks pose a serious risk to your environment, leading to compromised data and system downtime. Web application firewalls offer protection against these attacks—by creating an impervious wall to deflect all questionable traffic. But sometimes this comes at the cost of site availability and legitimate traffic. So we created a WAF solution that protects your site from attacks without compromising site availability. It’s called Web Security Manager.

We Tune. We Tweak. We Manage.

Web Security Manager ActiveWatch Services provide monitoring, tuning and incident response 24×7. To learn more about ActiveWatch Services for Web Security Manager, click here.

This Is Not Your Average WAF

Web Security Manager provides two levels of protection: signature-based protection against known attacks, and positive protection against unknown attacks by only allowing permitted actions. Positive protection means we adjust the WAF to identify non-standard behavior while minimizing false positives. This is possible through Web Security Manager’s Learning Engine, which does just what the name suggests: It learns as it goes, meaning the solution can provide:

  • Immediate protection against web application attacks
  • Automated learning to customize site security policies
  • Blocking at either the application or network level
  • Protection against outbound data theft and log data masking
Impactful Protection, Without Impacting Your Business

The proactive methodology behind our Web Security Manager deployment allows us to implement our security services without impacting your site, and with no application downtime. Stay protected, and stay open for business.

Complete Compliance

Web Security Manager meets key compliance requirements of both PCI DSS and HIPAA. Positive web application security is fast and efficient to implement, so we’ve got your compliance covered.

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