Threat Manager

Complete Compliance

Threat Manager provides IDS and vulnerability scanning that fulfill specific compliance requirements, and includes reporting to keep your customers and your company compliant. Stay audit-ready.

Threat Detection, At Your Service

Data isn’t meant to just be collected—analysis is key to guiding your security priorities. Threat Manager’s managed intrusion detection and vulnerability scanning services provide ongoing insights into the threats and vulnerabilities affecting your environment. Regardless of where your data center resides, Alert Logic’s Threat Manager offers powerful, holistic support for all types of underlying infrastructure-ranging from physical to virtual, as well as cloud fabrics.

How It Works

We monitor network traffic and analyze billions of security events using intelligent multifactor correlation via a patented 7-factor threat scenario model that is enhanced further with the included vulnerability scanning capability. Our incident identification is built on multiple inputs including intelligence sharing within the security industry, Alert Logic’s custom created security content, and our global view of threat activity across more than 2,400 customer environments. For added security insight, expertise and protection, combine Threat Manager with our ActiveWatch service to benefit from 24×7 SOC staffed by GIAC certified analysts monitoring and validating the data, preventing false positives, and translating it into actionable insight for incident response and containment.

Rapid Detection, Rapid Response

ActiveWatch for Threat Manager provides 24×7 monitoring of your network traffic by our security analysts for rapid detection and response. Learn more.

Custom-Fit Security

Since Threat Manager’s intrusion detection system and vulnerability scanning provide data about actual threats to your environment, you can customize your security plan to fit your specific conditions. When you understand what is happening in your environment, you can make more informed decisions about your infrastructure. Invest where it’s needed, and enjoy the benefits of as-a-service security.

We Are Capable of More
  • We identify threats 24×7 and escalate immediately.
  • We have the unique ability to gain insight into the threats and vulnerabilities to guide security investments and priorities.
  • Threat Manager meets key compliance requirements, like PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA and Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • We deploy everywhere, from cloud to hosted and on-premises environments.

Threat Manager for Amazon EC2

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