Our library of on-demand webinars features Alert Logic speakers and industry experts demonstrating log management best practices, analyzing PCI compliance requirements, debating the virtues of cloud computing and much, much more.
The Target Data Breach: Anatomy of an Attack

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Log Manager in Azure- Installing Windows Agent

Log Manager in Azure-Installing Linux Agent

Web Security Manager’s Learning Engine: How the WAF Gets to Know Your Site

The Road From Log Management to SIEM

Product Manager Andrew Leach demonstrates how the next release of Alert Logic Log Manager positions you for Security-as-a-Service delivery of SIEM capabilities.

Introducing Web Security Manager and ActiveWatch

Senior Solutions Architect Tam Vu provides an overview of the web application threat and how a web application firewall can protect you, and demonstrates some key features of Alert Logic’s new Web Security Manager. Get a quick overview of the latest Security-as-a-Service solution.

How I’d Hack Your School: Understanding the Importance of Protecting Data in K–12 Environments

Featuring Eric Irvin, Senior Solutions Architect for Alert Logic. Learn about the need for daily log review and how Alert Logic’s solutions can alleviate the burden of maintaining network security and PCI compliance.
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Detecting System Intrusions with the Security Log

During this informative webinar, Randy Franklin Smith of Ultimate Windows Security shows how to interpret certain events and make inferences from the technical details to determine if you are dealing with an intrusion.
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Ease the Burden of PCI DSS Log Management Requirements

David Taylor, PCI Knowledge Base, and Randy Rosenbaum, Product Marketing Manager of Alert Logic, show how to automate the manual log management process and comply with Requirement 10.
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How to Avoid the Costly Pitfalls of PCI Compliance

View this webinar to learn how cloud-based solutions help organizations meet the dual demands of shrinking budgets and expanding regulations.
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The Role of PCI in Risk & Fraud Management

Learn how the tools and services used to achieve and maintain PCI compliance play a role in helping manage such key business functions as risk and fraud management.
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When Good Admins Go Bad: The Critical Need for Log Management as a Deterrent/Detective Control

IT staff cannot effectively manage operating systems, databases and applications without admin-level access. But what happens when good admins like Terry Childs from the City of San Francisco and Roger Duronio at UBS turn bad? Learn how using secure and redundant logs reduce the risk of administrative misuse of authority.
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Satisfy Log Management Requirements on a Shoestring Budget

SaaS-delivered log management solutions are helping organizations meet the demands of expanding regulations, even as budgets get tighter. Learn how to stretch your department dollars and still achieve compliance, even in today’s uncertain economic climate.
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Daily Log Review Sucks, Here’s How to Make it Easier

QSAs have stated the number one reason a merchant fails their PCI DSS audit is due to the lack of effective daily log review. This problem came to light in 2009 when credit card security breaches made headlines and investigations uncovered a lack of daily log review. In this on-demand webinar, Randy Rosenbaum of Alert Logic discusses ways to reduce the amount of time spent reviewing logs, shows how to quickly respond to suspicious activity found in log data, and demonstrates how to compile evidence of log review to satisfy PCI auditors.
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Expert to Expert: Daily Log Review for PCI Compliance

Featuring Randy Franklin Smith of Ultimate Windows Security and Eric Irvin, Senior Security Analyst for Alert Logic. Learn about the need for daily log review and how Alert Logic’s solutions can alleviate the burden of maintaining network security and PCI compliance.
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