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Network Security

Effective network security has evolved to keep pace with digitally transformed environments. It requires a holistic view that considers all the ways your applications and data are exposed to potential threats. And while there is simply no such thing as perfect cybersecurity or an impervious network, the goal of network security should be to focus on effective detection of suspicious or malicious activity within your network. This must include tools and processes that minimize the time an attack can remain undetected and limit the potential consequences or damage. When you choose Alert Logic’s managed security services, this level of network security is what you’ll receive.

ISO compliance

Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

GDPR compliance

Network Vulnerability Scanning

GDPR compliance

Asset Discovery And Visibility

“Standing ovation for meticulous handling (of) our network security. Love its versatility to detect threats and identify their origin.”

IT Support Specialist

G2 review

“Phenomenal for network and server threats alerts. Excellent deployment on the cloud, on-premises and for hybrid environments. Good for its seamless intrusion detection.”

IT Support Engineer

G2 review

“Avoid cyber threats with Alert Logic! We can easily detect, respond to and eliminate security issues in our system and networks. Has improved (our) compliance and risk management.”

General Manager

G2 review

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