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24/7, comprehensive threat protection and expert security services

Superior security takes more than an extraordinary platform. To reach your desired security outcomes, you need an expert team with proven processes plus an advanced technological platform to achieve comprehensive coverage. These three critical elements are at the core of Fortra’s Alert Logic managed security services.

For more than 20 years, Alert Logic has collaborated with customers to improve their security posture for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. They trust our commitment to continuous, around-the-clock threat detection knowing our highly experienced security operations center (SOC) team members are ready at a minute’s notice with expert guidance on any detected threat. No matter if your organization is at the beginning of your security journey or well along the way, Alert Logic’s extensive breadth and depth of coverage and comprehensive visibility will enhance your coverage.

For many organizations, limited resources or inexperienced teammates can hinder a security strategy from succeeding. With our expert-enabled, proactive approach to XDR, MDR and WAF, you’ll have a true partner in protection.

Our Managed Security Services

For comprehensive, 24/7 managed security services, explore our XDR, MDR, and Managed WAF security solutions. With Alert Logic, our proven expertise and advanced technology ensure you’ll achieve your desired security outcomes.

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Fortra XDR

Fortra XDR is a robust threat detection and response technology that collects and correlates data from diverse telemetry sources including endpoints, servers, apps, clouds, and networks. By leveraging Fortra XDR, your organization has greater visibility into its attack surface, expands coverage, enhances operational efficiency, and ultimately fortifies overall security posture.

Delivered as a fully managed service, Fortra XDR is an ideal security solution for organizations lacking resources and expertise or struggling to achieve their desired security outcomes with their current security stack. Our dedicated SOC analysts know your environment and can quickly resolve problems and eliminate risk. Additionally, we recognize operational complexity is the enemy of security, so our goal is to make the Fortra agent, available through Fortra XDR, the last one you’ll ever need to install.

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Fortra’s Alert Logic MDR

Our MDR solution combines an industry-leading platform with comprehensive coverage, top-tier threat intelligence, and a highly skilled SOC team to deliver the security outcomes you need. Our customized MDR service is designed to meet your specific requirements, ensuring robust protection for your critical systems.

Customers gain peace of mind knowing that their environment is monitored around the clock to protect against known and emerging threats. By partnering with our team of experts, you’ll keep your organization’s IT infrastructure secure, allowing you to concentrate on maintaining customer relationships and ensuring operational resilience.

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Fortra Managed WAF

Web applications are essential to your business and vital for customer interactions. Unfortunately, they also present a potential entry point for attackers targeting your critical assets and data.

Fortra Managed WAF delivers a competitively priced, versatile, enterprise-level, cloud-ready WAF that includes expert management to simplify the process for you. Our Managed WAF inspects web traffic using curated security policies to continuously identify and block malicious exploits from known and unknown threats. With our fully managed WAF, you can ensure robust protection for your critical web applications and APIs.

Our Expertise, Your Advantage – We’ve Got You Covered

With Alert Logic’s managed security services, you can enhance your security coverage with the support of a team of experts who can augment your in-house team. In today’s threat landscape, you can’t afford to be without around-the-clock threat monitoring and detection – and that’s attainable with Alert Logic’s comprehensive coverage.

Some of the use cases our managed security services address include:

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