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Simple, Scalable Pricing for Managed Security Services

Cost-Effective Options Based on Your Precise Needs

Right-Sized to the Protection You Need

When it comes to cybersecurity, we know that the needs of no two organizations are the same. Fortra’s Alert Logic solutions are tailored to each asset in your estate, fitting coverage with business criticality and cost.

We build our pricing to meet your desired security outcomes in a way that is cost effective and scalable. With Alert Logic, there are no surprises, unexpected charges, hidden fees, or cost uncertainty, providing you the ability to predictively budget for your security.


Predictable Pricing

Our pricing starts at 25 nodes and scales with you. We provide the tools and reporting that gives you control and use the same methodology no matter where your systems are hosted.

Our licensing is based on the service we’re providing and not an arbitrary measurement, like the number of employees or company revenue.

  • Alert Logic technology, including new feature and capabilities released
  • Monthly average usage-based
  • Self-serve audit-ready and benchmark reporting

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MDR Subscription Tiers

Each subscription provides different levels of vulnerability and threat management services and capabilities for your on-premise, public cloud, or hosted data centers.

Alert Logic MDR Essentials

24/7 hybrid visibility and vulnerability scanning, audit-ready reporting, and endpoint detection and response

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Alert Logic MDR Professional

24/7 Threat Detection, Log Management and Vulnerability Scanning with a Named MDR Concierge

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Alert Logic MDR Enterprise

An enhancement to the MDR Professional service, Alert Logic MDR Enterprise is purpose-built to protect your highest risk assets

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SERVICE ELEMENTS MDR Essentials MDR Professional MDR Enterprise
24/7 Platform
PCI Dispute & PCI DSS & ASV Program Support
MDR Concierge  
24/7 Threat Management  
15-minute Escalation SLA  
Emerging Threat Response  
On-demand Tuning & Sensor Optimization  
Machine Learning Log Review  
Designated Security Expert    
Continuous Threat Hunting    
Proactive Tuning & Sensor Optimization    
Extended Security Investigations    
Weekly Security Review    
Annual Virtual Stakeholders Meeting    
FEATURES MDR Essentials MDR Professional MDR Enterprise
Hybrid Asset Discovery
Internal & External Vulnerability Scanning
Cloud Configuration Checks/CIS Benchmarks
Endpoint Detection
PCI Scanning  
File Integrity Monitoring  
Network Monitoring  
Log Data Monitoring  
Log Collection & Search with 12 Month Retention *  
Web Log Analytics  
Real-time Reporting & Dashboards
Cloud Security Service Integration  
Cloud Change Monitoring  
User Behavior Monitoring  


Alert Logic MDR Enterprise requires Alert Logic MDR Professional licenses for protected assets included in the Alert Logic MDR Enterprise service

* Log retention is always online, no restriction on search window exists and more than 12 months retention is available upon request

“Alert Logic has worked so well for us when you combine the value of the service with the price.”

Scott Strait

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, RetireOne

“We couldn’t put together a security team in house that does what Alert Logic does for anywhere near the cost of their MDR solution.”

Jarrod Ruez

President, Vertére

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