24/7 Threat Detection

Expert-Enabled Security Capabilities, Delivered as SaaS

Connect an award-winning security platform, cutting-edge threat intelligence, and expert defenders so you can identify and respond faster to attacks.

Our global Security Operations Center experts monitor your systems 24/7. We leverage a diverse range of data collection and analytics methods for rapid threat detection.

All of our services are delivered within a SaaS model. Our platform is developed to stay ahead of the threat landscape—all you need to do is ensure our sensors are deployed. The rest is up to us.

247 Threat Detection

Minimizing the Likelihood of Successful Attack

Your assets are automatically discovered and analyzed by our platform, and we then provide you with details of vulnerable systems and configuration problems that can expose you to attack. Your teams can then take action to close any gaps that could lead to a breach.

Since new threats are constantly emerging, we utilize advanced threat-hunting methods, searching through massive data sets to identify those affected. You are then informed about the most vulnerable systems, and we work with you to prevent attacks before they occur.

247 Threat Detection
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Reducing the Impact of a Breach

Our security experts always assume the possibility of a breach. We’re continually working to define and develop new detection methods and implementing new techniques that will provide you with real-world benefits.

The diversity and depth of our customer base empower our ability to respond to threats and attacks. The insight gained from each attempted attack is leveraged to provide continuous protection to the rest of our community.

Threat research and intelligence utilize insights from our platform and 3rd party feeds to inform and guide platform engineering and security teams. Security operations specialists work 24/7 to analyze the output of our proprietary platform.

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