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MDR Solutions and Services

When an organization lacks the resources, expertise, or insights to secure their environment from cyberattacks, they find the comprehensive coverage they need with Managed Detection and Response. Choosing Alert Logic MDR gives organizations the platform, processes, and people to detect, respond to, and reduce security threats.



Our Experts, Service, Technology = Your Advantage

Alert Logic MDR is more than our technology. Our MDR solution is the right blend of an industry-leading platform, comprehensive coverage, superior threat intelligence, and a highly-skilled SOC team that delivers the security outcomes you seek. Our tailored MDR service will meet your specific requirements, so you’re equipped to protect your critical systems.




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Managed Detection and Response

As cybercriminals become more successful at exploiting security vulnerabilities, effective MDR solutions must stay one step ahead. That’s why comprehensive prevention and detection is at the heart of Alert Logic’s MDR solution. Our industry-leading technology and team of experts deliver the security solution you need to help you achieve your security posture goals.


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Components of Alert Logic MDR

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Whether you’re looking to extend coverage to SaaS applications, gain visibility to network security controls, or integrate with third-party security solutions, your detection and response solution needs to provide coverage across the entire attack surface. Alert Logic MDR leverages feeds from your environment — including log data, assets, network telemetry, endpoints, and infrastructure and security systems outputs — to provide maximum visibility and security coverage.

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Effectively manage your security posture with MDR solutions that run in all public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-prem environments. Our cloud-native platform is designed for seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure, being both scalable and flexible, changing as your organization does.

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It’s no small task to collect, store, analyze, and report at scale across assets, logs, events, network telemetry, endpoint, third-party telemetry, and user and file access. Alert Logic MDR feeds all that critical data into our platform — at a massive scale across over 2,500 customers’ systems — turning the data into valuable information for our security teams and customers to gain a full understanding of the security posture and threats posed to customer systems.

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Every step of your experience with Alert Logic is focused on providing continuous value throughout the customer lifecycle. From staying up to speed on the latest threats, to simplifying your onboarding experience to delivering ongoing continuous innovation, our goal is to help you successfully achieve your security goals and improve your security posture.

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Core Features and Capabilities

Delivering unrivaled threat intelligence, SaaS security, and 24/7 managed expertise
to continuously keep your assets in any environment secure.

24/7 Threat Monitoring

Threat actors don’t adhere to standard business hours, so around-the-clock monitoring to quickly identify and remediate threats before real damage is done is critical.


Monitoring features include:

  • Endpoint Detection
  • Network Threat Detection
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Log Data Monitoring
  • Log Review


  • Network Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • PCI Scanning
  • Web Application Security
  • Asset Hybrid Discovery


  • User Behavior Monitoring
  • Cloud Change Monitoring
  • Container Intrusion Detection
  • Remediation Intelligence
  • Incident Monitoring
Response Automation (SOAR)

Organizations looking to enhance their response capabilities can take advantage of embedded SOAR, enabling them to adopt automation at their own pace, providing flexibility to balance full automation with human-guided response.

  • Wizard-based Workflow Templates
  • Broad Response Coverage – Endpoints, Firewall, Network and Identity
  • Automated Response Mobile Application
Threat Intelligence and Analytics

As threats constantly evolve, the technology to detect them must adapt continuously. Our security experts and researchers continuously perform complex threat analysis, gathering intelligence from the security community and multiple telemetry points to identify unknown threats.

  • Continuous Learning Engine
  • Log Analysis
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Rule-/Signature-based Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Anomaly-based Analytics
Real-time Reporting & Dashboards

Real-time reporting and dashboards provide convenient access to summary visualizations with drill-down features to interact with detailed data and specific capabilities. This easily accessible information enables organizations to quickly understand the state of their environment, prioritize the riskiest security events, and support compliance requirements.

  • Compliance Reporting — PCI, HIPAA, SOC2, NIST, HITRUST, GDPR
  • CIS Benchmark Reporting
  • Asset Discovery and Visualization
  • Real-time Dashboards – Threats, Risk, Vulnerabilities, Remediations, Coverage and Health
Security Operations Center and Expertise

Organizations that lack in-house security expertise or are looking to augment their security teams can leverage our global SOC analysts and experts to provide insights and remediation guidance on known and unknown threats.


SOC features include:

  • Emerging Threat Response
  • 24/7 Threat Monitoring
  • Incident Validation
  • Security Investigations


  • Proactive and Ongoing Threat Hunting
  • On-Demand Tuning and Sensor Optimization
  • Remediation Guidance


  • Security Reviews
  • Analysis, Triage, and Investigation
  • Designated Security Analyst

Security Challenges Addressed with MDR

As organizations have increased their adoption and reliance on detection and response technologies, new cybersecurity challenges have emerged that many organizations struggle to manage. Among the top cybersecurity challenges facing organizations today are:


Visibility (or lack thereof) is the most common challenge faced by mid-size organizations. You can’t protect what you can’t see, and threat actors are banking on that. Whether you’re operating in an on-prem, cloud, or hybrid environment, maintaining a comprehensive view of your environment – from endpoints to network to cloud workloads and SaaS apps – is essential. With the average time to identify and contain a threat at 277 days (averaging 326 days when ransomware is involved)1, it’s imperative organizations prioritize unified visibility to mitigate threats and reduce dwell time.
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Increasing Ransomware Risk

Ransomware remains one of the top cybersecurity threats for many organizations, as threat actors continuously evolve their capabilities and devise more sophisticated ways to penetrate host systems and networks. A focus on a strong security posture can help organizations protect against the likelihood of a ransomware attack sequence being successful.
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Breach Concerns
Addressing Pre- and Post-Breach Concerns

While prevention tools are effective in reducing the likelihood of an attack, they are not enough to address increasingly more sophisticated security threats. An effective solution should address the entire kill chain and focus on delivering a meaningful security outcome meant to ease both pre-breach and post-breach concerns.
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The landscape of security laws and standards is constantly changing, making policy mapping extremely difficult if you don’t have internal staff with the right expertise or time available to ensure your compliance. And depending on your industry, it’s not just one regulation, or two, but a host of regulations to ensure protection for organizations, individuals, and industry groups from breaches and data loss.
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Personnel Shortage
24/7 Security Expertise

Security threats don’t happen just during standard business hours and it’s not unusual for organizations to lack the resources to support 24/7 full-time staff to manage and monitor their security tools. It’s even more challenging to find talent, as an estimated 43% of organizations are unable to find enough qualified staff2 to address their resources gaps. The growing need for experienced and skilled cybersecurity teams has created high demand for trained professionals the labor market has been unable to meet.
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Security Expertise
Securing the Cloud

Whether your business operates in a cloud or hybrid environment, securing and protecting cloud workloads can be challenging if you lack the proper tools, people, and processes. Cloud misconfigurations, poor visibility, and lack of expertise could put your organization at risk as undetected risks are causing real damage to your environment. Maintaining a holistic view of the entire attack surface across hybrid and cloud environments can reduce risk of compromise.
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Cloud Security


Alert Logic Eliminates Threats

Both Pre-Breach and Post-Breach

How You Benefit From Our MDR Service

Partnering with Alert Logic’s team of security experts ensures you’re able to keep your mid-market or enterprise environment safe, so you can focus on maintaining customer relationships and safeguarding your operational resilience.

Some advantages of the Alert Logic’s MDR service include:

Intelligence Driven by Data
and Humans

Accurate, real-time intelligence from security incidents your organization experiences is crucial to define and undertake appropriate response actions. Alert Logic’s security experts in our global Security Operations Center (SOC) aggregate information from thousands of customers using telemetry data, industry feeds, continuous research, and machine learning software to provide you with the most advanced threat intelligence.

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Real Security Experts Attached to Your Account

Technology is an essential part of our MDR solutions, but that’s just part of our it. We assign security experts — real people — to your account to provide individualized and customized incident response plans. We have been training our security experts in the latest cybersecurity best practices since 2002, and have an expert team with specialties in security, technology, and customer experience.

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Scalable MDR platform chart showing coverage, platform, and expertise of Alert Logic's solution

Scalable MDR Platform

Our MDR platform and team of experts collect network traffic from more than 140 billion log messages every day, giving you outcome-based security coverage against vulnerabilities and threats. We analyze and provide a curated set of content in a single location, so your organization can easily manage your security posture. Our services cover all your networks, applications, and endpoints, whether they’re in cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environments.


MDR threat detection dashboard screenshot

Security Insights at Your Fingertips

Alert Logic’s MDR platform provides a dashboard view of all alert information and analysis from our team of security experts. You get access to real-time information on risk, vulnerabilities, investigations, remediation activities, configuration exposures, and compliance status. Easily navigate the dashboard to rank your security threat priorities and focus your time and resources on threats that require more attention. Our dashboards also provide user-friendly visualizations of risk to share with your executive leadership teams.

Protection Tailored to Each Asset in Your Estate

At Alert Logic, we understand every organization is different — that’s why we tailor our MDR solutions to the specific needs and requirements of your business. Working together, we’ll prioritize your assets based on the appropriate level of protection to ensure you receive optimal security coverage and desired security outcomes.

SOC experts providing MDR solutions to Alert Logic clients

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