Alert Logic’s network discovery scanner continuously gathers information about the quantity, location, and condition of assets across your enterprise in the cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid environments. Benefit from an easy and fast discovery process that is managed for you.

Discover IT Assets

Alert Logic’s network discovery scanner finds assets and configurations so you can make informed decisions regarding what to protect and to what level. Get full visibility of all your assets and environments for better security management all from an easy to use console.
  • Integrate with cloud platforms to enable automatic network asset discovery and deployment maintenance
  • Quickly define networks and subnets in traditional infrastructure using IP ranges and CIDR addressing
  • Immediately define your level of protection against visualizations of discovered and configured assets
  • Configure external assets for PCI scanning against domain names and IP addresses


IT asset discovery
Asset discovery and visualization with topography map

Visualize Your Environment

Using the security overview in the Alert Logic console, you can quickly see your network inventory and relationships in the topology map. With this simple view, it is easy to assess deployments and prioritize how to protect and manage corporate IT assets.
  • Instantly view vulnerabilities, target which ones to address first, and drill through to actionable remediation guidance
  • Add data from other network asset sources to the map via the Alert Logic Asset API
  • Quickly configure the network discovery scanner based on the actual environment’s topology

Contextualize Relationships and Connections

Quickly view the relationships between network assets, configurations, security incidents, and vulnerabilities to drive targeted mitigation and plan remediation activities.

  • Visualize assets, configurations, and meta-data that relate to incidents and vulnerabilities
  • View in-context recommendations and easily understand how they relate to potential cloud platform configurations
  • Ingest events from AWS Security Hub, Azure Event Hub, and other cloud systems to the assets and vulnerabilities you discover
Our network discovery scanner tool helps visualize relationships between assets

Alert Logic Solution Benefits

Alert Logic delivers a comprehensive solution that provides asset visibility, vulnerability assessment and threat detection and response to provide the right level of coverage at the right price. We enable broader detection and response with less effort and lower cost.

icon of four cubes interconnected


  • Network Asset discovery
  • Extended endpoint protection
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Threat monitoring and visibility
  • Intrusion detections
  • Security analytics
  • Log collection and monitoring
icon of digital brain


  • Verified testing 2.1 million + web application attacks
  • Dark web scanning
  • Remediation guidance
  • Attack prevention capabilities
  • User behavior anomaly detection
  • Event insights and analysis
  • Threat frequency, severity, and status intelligence
  • Comprehensive vulnerability library
icon of head with gears inside of it


  • 24/7 SOC with incident management, escalation, and response support
  • PCI scanning and ASV support
  • Service health monitoring
  • Incident response assistance
  • Threat hunting
  • Help with tuning strategies, customized policies, and best practices

Ready to Protect Your Company with Alert Logic MDR?

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