“Now, we feel comfortable that the overall environment is being monitored 24/7/365 versus having those gaps in security.”

Marc Kajiwara, VP Security and Compliance (CISCO), Schoox

Schoox is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) for businesses and has seen dramatic growth over the last few years, taking on notable brands like Subway and Phillips 66 as customers. Because of the company’s decision to host its software as a service (SaaS) solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS), it has been able to scale rapidly to meet increased demand. But with the company’s success came increased scrutiny of its platform security from prospective clients and investors alike — driving the platform’s small security and compliance team to take the necessary steps to strengthen its security posture.

The Challenge

In addition to overseeing internal tasks like infrastructure setup and issue resolution, the small team tasked with security also managed external compliance requirements. With such a big workload, full visibility of all assets and entry points, 24/7 monitoring, and quick response were challenges that proved increasingly difficult for Schoox to meet on their own. They needed more telemetry to provide a comprehensive view of issues so their security team could resolve them more efficiently. The team wanted a cost-effective security solution that was native to AWS Cloud operations and worked with Linux environments. Schoox knew they needed a managed service, due to the small size of their security team. However, navigating the vendor landscape was difficult — until the team turned to AWS Marketplace and encountered managed detection and response® vendor Alert Logic.

“I am really big on automation, so deploying solutions that we can force multiply are important,” said Marc Kajiwara, VP security and compliance (CISO) at Schoox. “It’s more efficient than just deploying 20 or 30 more people to my team.”

“I’ve been impressed with Alert Logic’s level of care. The support has been phenomenal.”

Marc Kajiwara, VP Security and Compliance (CISCO), Schoox

The Solution

As an AWS partner, Alert Logic could provide Schoox with asset and endpoint discovery, 24/7 monitoring, and metrics from traffic and backend standpoints. Alert Logic’s platform scans the Schoox cloud environment for threats and vulnerabilities, and if there is an issue, an analyst from the Alert Logic Security Operations Center (SOC) calls the Schoox security team with detailed information about what is happening, and the actions needed to mitigate the risks and potential damage.

Because of Schoox’s decision to select the Alert Logic MDR® Enterprise service, a dedicated Alert Logic enterprise analyst not only supports resolution but offers overall guidance on security frameworks. Over weekly calls their dedicated analyst provides guidance on how to best prioritize vulnerabilities to reduce the likelihood of an issue. Having this source of expertise allows the Schoox team to solve issues swiftly, effectively allocate resources, and more accurately assess threat levels.

“Just having that constant information coming in was really helpful for our team to start to action things out and enhance our security posture as we grew,” Kajiwara said. “Now, we feel comfortable that the overall environment is being monitored 24/7/365 versus having gaps in security.”

Because Alert Logic gathers all the necessary information, it aids Schoox in distinguishing between actual threats and false positives. When a client attempted repeated logins, Alert Logic’s SOC team flagged the activity quickly and provided actionable information for Schoox to resolve the incident quickly. Before using Alert Logic, discovery, investigation, and resolution may have taken days.

Along with real-time alerts whenever an issue arises, Schoox’s management team benefits from Alert Logic’s data dashboard. It quickly and easily conveys metrics around how many attacks the platform sees, where the biggest vulnerabilities lie, and sources of recurrent issues. Getting a visually digestible and centralized overview of these formerly disparate or unavailable metrics makes it much easier for Schoox to take appropriate measures.

Actionable insights and information upfront paired with on-call support has drastically improved Schoox’s response and resolution time. “I’ve been impressed with Alert Logic’s level of care. The support has been phenomenal,” Kajiwara said about Alert Logic’s white-glove service.

Alert Logic’s expert guidance has facilitated Schoox’s goal of more clearly understanding what assets to protect, where vulnerabilities hide, and how to build better defenses. Instilling these best practices has streamlined SOC 2 audits and helped the company meet security compliance requirements.


Since partnering with Alert Logic, Schoox has not experienced any significant issues, despite its continued growth and the global surge in cyberattacks. They have been able to win more customers and investments, partly because they can prove compliance with security requirements.

By running its platform on rapidly scalable AWS infrastructure and taking advantage of Alert Logic’s security muscle, Schoox can focus on building its product instead of constantly diverting resources to security puzzles.

“Over the past 18 months since we’ve used Alert Logic, our security posture has matured. In the beginning, we would get a lot of alerts. Over time we were able to tune that information and implement protective measures. Now the discussions are more about best practices instead of dealing with critical alarms,” Kajiwara concluded.

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