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Alert Logic MDR Professional®


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Monitoring and addressing threats is a moving target, requiring a 24/7 Security Operation Center (SOC). Creating your own in-house SOC, however, can take years. High costs and staffing challenges means organizations and their internal teams constantly struggle to identify, prioritize, and respond to threats.

Fortra’s Alert Logic MDR Professional protects your business-critical assets with 24/7 threat detection and incident management with a 15-minute triage SLA, MDR concierge support, vulnerability scanning, asset visibility, and endpoint detection. Our global SOC is staffed by more than 150 experts in security and information technology disciplines. They combine the Alert Logic MDR platform and purpose-built SOC tooling with decades of experience.


  • White-glove Customer Experience
  • 24/7 Threat Management
  • 15-minute Escalation SLAs
  • Named MDR Concierge
  • Cloud Change Monitoring
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Anti-virus Integration
  • User Behavior Anomaly Detection (UBAD)
  • Container Intrusion Detection
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Web Log Analytics
  • Automated Response
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What You Receive with Alert Logic MDR Professional

White-glove Experience

A key aspect of our white-glove approach to security is our dedicated team of experts. The Alert Logic MDR concierge team includes our SOC team, customer success managers, analysts, and threat researchers dedicated to your success. We understand that threats can happen anytime and anywhere, which is why we work around the clock—continuously monitoring and identifying threats to give you peace of mind.

Emerging Threat Response

Alert Logic MDR provides our security experts an unparalleled view of attacker behavior across hundreds of thousands of systems. Threat hunters work with this data and intelligence gathered from the security community and industry feeds to identify emerging threats that can affect our customers. Our SOC team uses threat-hunting methods to search through massive data sets to identify customers who may be affected by these threats, alert them to vulnerable systems, and work with them to stop attacks before they happen. With hundreds of new vulnerabilities uncovered every week, this capability, combined with detection of well-known and established threats, is critical to protect your organization.

Alert Logic Intelligent ResponseTM

Alert Logic Intelligent Response relieves IT and security departments of repetitive response tasks and minimizes the need for constant administration. Our flexible, scalable, and integrated approach to protect your entire IT estate provides all essential elements through Alert Logic Intelligent Response: multiple user experiences, recognition of risk profiles, broad coverage of sources, advanced detection capabilities, options for levels of automation, the ability to initiate actions, and a growing range of use cases.


SERVICE ELEMENTS MDR Essentials MDR Professional MDR Enterprise
24/7 Platform
PCI Dispute & PCI DSS & ASV Program Support
MDR Concierge
24/7 Threat Management
15-minute Escalation SLA
Emerging Threat Response
On-demand Tuning & Sensor Optimization
Machine Learning Log Review
Designated Security Expert
Continuous Threat Hunting
Proactive Tuning & Sensor Optimization
Extended Security Investigations
Weekly Security Review
Annual Virtual Stakeholders Meeting
FEATURES MDR Essentials MDR Professional MDR Enterprise
Hybrid Asset Discovery
Internal & External Vulnerability Scanning
Cloud Configuration Checks/CIS Benchmarks
Endpoint Detection
PCI Scanning
File Integrity Monitoring
Network Monitoring
Log Data Monitoring
Log Collection & Search with 12 Month Retention *
Web Log Analytics
Real-time Reporting & Dashboards
Cloud Security Service Integration
Cloud Change Monitoring
User Behavior Monitoring
Alert Logic MDR Enterprise requires Alert Logic MDR Professional licenses for protected assets included in the Alert Logic MDR Enterprise service
* Log retention is always online, no restriction on search window exists and more than 12 months retention is available upon request

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