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Demo 1

Intro to Alert Logic

Demo 2

Eliminating Exposure

  • Configure vulnerability scanning and configuration checks to run continuously, or on your schedule

  • Immediately access a clear view into your security posture

  • Access to our Security Operations Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Demo 3

The Console

  • CIS benchmark evaluations and proprietary risk assessment scoring

  • Application Registry provides an effortless way to integrate data from firewalls and endpoint detection solutions

  • Endpoint management console investigates alerts from our Endpoint detection tools for Windows and Mac

Demo 4

Detecting the Unknown

  • Alert Logic researchers monitor the threat landscape 24/7, taking immediate action on emerging threats

  • Our MDR platform uses existing or manually sourced telemetry data to get visibility of the risk

  • Our Detection capabilities are enhanced to rapidly implement attack detection for the new threat

Demo 5

Human Response

  • Alert Logic security analysts are alerted to possible threats quickly

  • If a threat requires immediate action, we call you, explain our findings, and recommend specific actions

  • You can also view incidents generated by our analytics in our MDR platform

Demo 6

Automated Response Capabilities

  • Our MDR platform provides automatic responses by building playbooks based on a number of triggers

  • A playbook is a series of workflow actions you define

  • We provides templated playbooks out-of-the-box to serve as a starting point to address the most common use-cases

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