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Alert Logic MDR® Essentials


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Combat Your Risk of Exposure and Protect Your Endpoints

To protect an organization, security teams must have visibility into deployed assets, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities across their entire IT estate. Fortra’s Alert Logic MDR Essentials provides 24/7 hybrid visibility and vulnerability scanning, audit-ready reporting, and endpoint detection. This allows you to track asset movement and changes, identify exposures that could lead to compromise, and protect client machines using machine learning and behavioral analytics.


  • 24/7 Platform Support
  • Hybrid Asset Discovery
  • Vulnerability Insight Support
  • PCI DSS and ASV Support
  • Topology Map
  • Cloud Configuration Assessment
  • Endpoint Detection
  • Real-time Reporting
  • CIS Benchmarking
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What You Receive with Alert Logic MDR Essentials

Hybrid Asset and Risk Discovery

The Alert Logic MDR platform provides a common view on asset vulnerabilities and configurations in all your environments. Through our dashboards, you quickly view relevant information that allows for targeted response and analysis of those things that affect security posture. In-depth insights into vulnerabilities, attacker behavior, and validated security incidents are just one click away.

Endpoint Detection

Our detection capabilities helps thwart multiple attack techniques that aim to compromise endpoints, gain access to resources, and detonate payloads, as well as provide deep visibility in real-time across endpoints, including low-level system activity, without impacting performance.

Essential Compliance Coverage

Gain peace of mind and deliver on best practices for compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), SOC 2, NIST, ISO, COBIT, and other mandates through our complete compliance solutions. Report in real time on cloud industry best practices through certified CIS Benchmarking for AWS and Azure as well as demonstrate improvements and target activities that improve security posture in the cloud to learn, understand, and advise on what is critical to your business to help guide and prioritize your operations and delivery programs.

SERVICE ELEMENTS MDR Essentials MDR Professional MDR Enterprise
24/7 Platform
PCI Dispute & PCI DSS & ASV Program Support
MDR Concierge  
24/7 Threat Management  
15-minute Escalation SLA  
Emerging Threat Response  
On-demand Tuning & Sensor Optimization  
Machine Learning Log Review  
Designated Security Expert    
Continuous Threat Hunting    
Proactive Tuning & Sensor Optimization    
Extended Security Investigations    
Weekly Security Review    
Annual Virtual Stakeholders Meeting    
FEATURES MDR Essentials MDR Professional MDR Enterprise
Hybrid Asset Discovery
Internal & External Vulnerability Scanning
Cloud Configuration Checks/CIS Benchmarks
Endpoint Detection
PCI Scanning
File Integrity Monitoring
Network Monitoring
Log Data Monitoring
Log Collection & Search with 12 Month Retention *
Web Log Analytics
Real-time Reporting & Dashboards
Cloud Security Service Integration
Cloud Change Monitoring
User Behavior Monitoring


Alert Logic MDR Enterprise requires Alert Logic MDR Professional licenses for protected assets included in the Alert Logic MDR Enterprise service
* Log retention is always online, no restriction on search window exists and more than 12 months retention is available upon request

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