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Alert Logic MDR® Enterprise

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Purpose-Built to Protect Your Highest Risk Assets

Finding highly qualified, experienced professionals to join your in-house security team is extremely challenging. Organizations around the world are competing for a limited number of professionals who have the unique combination of technical acumen and soft skills needed to be responsible for your organization’s security posture. Businesses that are dependent on only in-house security teams are finding themselves in a quandary as they know they need security expertise to protect their IT estate.

Fortra’s Alert Logic MDR® Enterprise is a purpose-built solution that protects your highest risk assets all without the expense and hassle of finding and keeping cybersecurity experts on your staff.


  • Continuous Threat Hunting
  • Proactive Tuning and Sensor Optimization
  • Extended Security Investigations
  • Custom Response Processes
  • Weekly Security Review
  • Annual Virtual Stakeholders Meeting
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What You Receive with Alert Logic MDR Enterprise

Designated Security Expert

Having direct access to a veteran security expert from our Security Operations Center (SOC) provides you a truly customized experience. Focused on your security and business requirements, your designated expert becomes a member of your team to level up your security maturity. In-depth individualized evaluation, protection, and customized response services enhance the other Alert Logic MDR services for greater insight into data exfiltration and discovery of advanced persistent threats.

Continuous Threat Hunting

Continuous threat hunting proactively identifies and disrupts cyberthreats that target your business. Informed by research and intelligence and based on known attack methods and unusual activity indicators, experts in our SOC work to identify persistent threats. Network telemetry, logs from security devices, applications, and systems are analyzed using custom methods and purpose-built tools to find indicators that our threat hunters follow to identify threats. They then collect more data to rapidly uncover time-sensitive insights about active threats to reduce dwell time and stop attacks before they start.

Reporting and Consultation

Your assigned security expert performs proactive daily security reviews to identify incident and threat trends unique to your environment. Tailored reports detail key findings and recommendations, threat trends, and risk analysis. Weekly meetings with IT and security employees in your organization provide the opportunity to learn, understand, and advise on what is critical to your business to help guide and prioritize your operations and delivery programs.

Proactive Tuning and Sensor Optimization

Thanks to their intimate knowledge of your organization, systems, and security controls, your designated security expert acts as an extension of your team, working in the background to configure, tune, and optimize our technologies and processes based on your unique profile and change programs. Through continuous analysis of threat indicators and behavioral data, we identify false positives and events of no relevance to you, which feed into the tuning procedure.

SERVICE ELEMENTS MDR Essentials MDR Professional MDR Enterprise
24/7 Platform
PCI Dispute & PCI DSS & ASV Program Support
MDR Concierge
24/7 Threat Management
15-minute Escalation SLA
Emerging Threat Response
On-demand Tuning & Sensor Optimization
Machine Learning Log Review
Designated Security Expert
Continuous Threat Hunting
Proactive Tuning & Sensor Optimization
Extended Security Investigations
Weekly Security Review
Annual Virtual Stakeholders Meeting
FEATURES MDR Essentials MDR Professional MDR Enterprise
Hybrid Asset Discovery
Internal & External Vulnerability Scanning
Cloud Configuration Checks/CIS Benchmarks
Endpoint Detection
PCI Scanning
File Integrity Monitoring
Network Monitoring
Log Data Monitoring
Log Collection & Search with 12 Month Retention *
Web Log Analytics
Real-time Reporting & Dashboards
Cloud Security Service Integration
Cloud Change Monitoring
User Behavior Monitoring
Alert Logic MDR Enterprise requires Alert Logic MDR Professional licenses for protected assets included in the Alert Logic MDR Enterprise service
* Log retention is always online, no restriction on search window exists and more than 12 months retention is available upon request

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