Alert Logic MDR Professional

Comprehensive Protection for Business-Critical Assets

24/7 Threat Detection, Log Management and Vulnerability Scanning with a Named MDR Concierge.

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24/7 Expert Threat Management

Alert Logic scans, monitors and assesses your systems 24/7 to detect threats and risk before they cause real damage. Our global SOC is staffed by over 150 experts in security and information technology disciplines. They combine the Alert Logic MDR platform and purpose built SOC tooling with decades of experience.

Powered by machine learning and advanced analytics, the platform, combined with our expertise, takes broad data ingestion and sifts through the data so you don’t have to.

With Alert Logic MDR Professional you will be assigned your personal MDR Concierge. Their goal is simple: ensure customers are receiving the best possible service by understanding their unique needs and facilitating those within Alert Logic.

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Hybrid Threat and Risk Visibility

The Alert Logic MDR platform has been built to provide a common view on threats, vulnerabilities and configurations into all your environments.

Continuous vulnerability scanning provides a view of exposure across all your cloud, hybrid and on-premises systems, through Alert Logic’s dashboards rapidly see relevant information that allows targeted response and analysis of those things that affect your security posture.

In-depth insights into vulnerabilities, attacker behavior, and validated security incidents are just one click away.

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Comprehensive Coverage Across Platforms

Emerging Threat Response

Alert Logic's MDR Platform gives our security experts an unparalleled view of attacker behavior across hundreds of thousands of systems. Threat researchers work with this data and intelligence gathered from the security community and industry feeds to identify emerging threats that can affect our customers.

The experts in our security operations center use threat hunting methods to search through massive data sets to identify customers who can be affected by these threats and alert them to vulnerable systems and work with them to stop attacks before they happen.

With hundreds of new vulnerabilities discovered every week, this capability, combined with detection of well-known and established threats, is critical to protect your organization.

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Compliance Covered

Alert Logic provides complete compliance solutions that give customers peace of mind and deliver on best practices for PCI DSS Compliance, HIPAA HITECH, GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), SOC 2 Compliance, NIST, ISO, COBIT, and other mandates.

Cloud industry best practices can be reported on in real-time through certified CIS Benchmarking for AWS and Azure; demonstrate improvements and target activities that will improve security posture in the cloud.

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File Integrity Monitoring

Alert Logic File Integrity Monitoring detects unauthorized change events to operating system, content, and application files for Windows and Linux servers. These include system directories, registry keys, and values on the operating system.

By monitoring for suspicious file change events, industries can meet regulatory compliance standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOX.



24/7 Threat Management

The Alert Logic SOC operates from the USA and UK to provide round-the-clock coverage for our customers, staffed by over 150 security experts.

15-minute Escalation SLA

Alert Logic analysts have 15 minutes to triage threats raised through hunting or the Alert Logic MDR platform, and determine if the threat requires escalation.

Named MDR Concierge

The MDR Concierge is an expert in Alert Logic’s delivery and solutions, they provide a single point of contact and service management for customers.

Cloud Change Monitoring

Integrations with public cloud, network and application technologies feed the Alert Logic MDR Platform with valuable discovery, change and detection data to give a holistic view on your security.

Real-time Reporting

Dashboards and reporting provides real-time visualizations of vulnerabilities, configuration issues, and vulnerabilities, including audit-ready reports for PCI DSS Audit and HIPAA.

Intrusion Detection

Security monitoring and threat analysis from certified security defenders to help you detect threats quickly. Receive expert guidance to quickly respond to incidents.

Anti-Virus Integration

Alert Logic ingests AV logs and analyzes them to provide key insights for alerting and Security Operations Center (SOC) support, such as detection of known hack tools, writing to privileged locations on the local system.

User Behavior Anomaly Detection

User behavior anomaly detection (UBAD) helps to detect and alert on suspicious user activity in enterprise environments. Machine-learning determines baseline user behavior in AWS, Azure and Office 365.

Container Intrusion Detection

With Alert Logic, you get the industry's only network intrusion detection solution and log management for containers - with support for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, hybrid, and on-premises environments.


Alert Logic offerings work together across your environments to give you the right coverage, for the right resources.


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Threat Hunting, individualized protection & customized response.



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