Alert Logic is an excellent protection of the perimeter of the cloud, they’re not in the data path, but kind of on the side, watching all of the traffic, and if there are any suspicious patterns or what looks like an attack they immediately notify us.

Sergey Arutiunov, Chief Technology Officer, Thru, Inc

Sustaining Web App Availability

Thru is a file sharing and collaboration company that helps connect users from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Thru integrates business applications so users can easily stay connected and have constant availability on their files. Their solution not only offers easy-to-use interface, but also offers enterprise-grade security. For this reason, it’s necessary for Thru to maintain a secure environment.

The Challenge

Availability is a key success driver for Thru. Sergey Arutiunov, Chief Technology Officer, and his team needed to ensure his customer data is protected at all times, without slowing down performance or asset availability. He needed a security solution to not only continuously monitor web traffic for suspicious activity but to alert his team whenever an emerging threat occurs. That’s when he found Alert Logic.

What’s most important they can put a person, it’s not just an automatic notification, but put a person to work with us to analyze the situation.

Sergey Arutiunov, Chief Technology Officer, Thru, Inc

Why Alert Logic?

What really attracted Arutiunov to Alert Logic was the security experts monitoring his environment 24×7. They not only offered continuous protection on his business-critical applications, but alerted his team directly to emerging threats. The value added to Thru is in the remediation process. Rather than just receiving automatic notifications on potential risks, Arutiunov can work together with the Alert Logic team to better understand his exposures and remediate faster.

The Results

Alert Logic’s security expert now watch all of the traffic going through Thru’s network and can easily detect suspicious patterns. Arutiunov’s team can now focus on their strategic goals: providing the best business collaboration tools for their user. 

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