We chose Alert Logic because we can be safe in the knowledge that we’ve got experts looking at our network activity 24/7 when we’re not able to do it.

Richard Marshall, Head of Platform

Securing Robo Advisors on AWS

Wealth Wizards, an online financial advisory company in the UK, provides a white-label SaaS platform that combines chartered financial planning, actuarial science, and smart software technology to deliver expert advice at an affordable cost via the web. Their drive towards automation reduces the time required for financial advising from weeks to a matter of hours. Their scalable, secure, and robust cloud-based applications offer guidance from personal to employer-level financial services, including pensions, retirement, debt, mortgages, and more. At Wealth Wizards, they believe everyone deserves the opportunity to create a positive financial future.

The Challenge

Wealth Wizards hosts all of their business-critical applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The team is continually improving their delivery capabilities through the integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence; AWS is helping them achieve these improvements faster

Wealth Wizards’ top security and compliance challenge was to have full visibility of their cloud environment – the business needed to prove to the auditors that they have the ability to see what’s happening within their cloud environment and, in the event of any breach, they’re able to analyse and demonstrate what data has been lost.

The top security and compliance challenges we’ve had to address have really been around proving to our auditors that we have a platform, where we know exactly what’s passing from one area to another, and we can prove what has happened in that environment. In the event of a breach, we should be able to go back and prove when that happened and what data was lost.

Richard Marshall, Head of Platform

Why Alert Logic?


Alert Logic® Cloud Insight Native AWS vulnerability management and configuration assessment solution.

Alert Logic® Cloud Defender Network, system, and application layer monitoring for cloud, on-premise or hybrid environments.

Due to the business-critical nature of the Wealth Wizards applications, Security visibility is required at all layers of the stack. Alert Logic’s Cloud Defender Solution provides the means to identify and respond to Threats at the Network, Host and Application layers, while also giving Wealth Wizards the means to visualize their AWS assets and manage any Vulnerabilities or Mis-configurations that may exist at Platform level, any given time.

With SaaS platform provision as part of Wealth Wizards’ core competency, the team saw Alert Logic’s AWS security solutions as agile as their AWS environment. A major reason the company preferred Alert Logic was because of their solutions backed by top class security experts. Wealth Wizards has a small engineering team with no time or resources to balance the needs of both business continuity and security with the size of their team. Having Alert Logic’s cybersecurity experts as an extension of the Wealth Wizards team not only saves time in analyzing the vast amount of data but ensures their compliance mandates are met. Richard Marshall, Head of Platform at Wealth Wizards, states, “the key value we get is being able to focus on our core business and being safe knowing we have security experts dealing with the operational side for us.”

The Results

“By using Alert Logic’s services, we now can install the agents and be safe in the knowledge that we’ve got experts monitoring our network activity 24×7, when we’re not able to do it” explained Marshall. Using Alert Logic’s Professional threat detection and vulnerability management tools allows the engineering team to focus on their core business rather than constantly worrying about security. “Knowing exactly what images we have deployed and what threats may exist within our network is really important” – he added.

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