Alert Logic SOC Open Day

Alert Logic Headquarters, Floor 5, 1 Capital Quarter, Cardiff, CF10 4BZ, United Kingdom
October 10, 2018

Exclusive: Go Inside a Security Operations Centre

In today’s threat landscape, attackers use a wide range of sophisticated methods to infiltrate vulnerable systems. The key to minimising the impact of an attack is to detect threats early, effectively and over a long period of time. In any threat detection effort, organisations must focus on visibility, assessment of risk, and potential impact to the business. And this is what our security defenders do.

Alert Logic delivers better cybersecurity for everyone, regardless of their company’s size or technology environment. Our proactive threat management platform, always-current threat intelligence, and 24x7, customer-obsessed analyst services protect organisations cost-effectively and with fast time-to-value. Alert Logic’s European headquarters is based in Cardiff and you are invited to come and have a behind the scenes tour of our Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Join Alert Logic for a Security Operations Centre (SOC) tour on Wednesday 10th October at our Cardiff European headquarters.

You might think of a SOC like a stereotypical movie war room: a dark room filled with complex maps, fancy monitors and analysts with headsets. Not far off, however, our SOC is a formally organised team of security analysts, threat intelligence analysts, security researches, data scientists and security content developers, dedicated to a specific set of security roles and responsibilities for detecting and validating threats within your environment.

Register for a 'behind the scenes' SOC tour highlights include:

  • Alert Logic's journey to Cardiff
  • Better Detection: Keeping Pace with the Changing Threat Landscape
  • Realities from the SOC: a day in the life of a security analyst
  • Threat Intelligence: Essential for Keeping Up with Today's Cyber Threat Landscape
  • Tales from the SOC: Live Simulated Hack


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