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Involta Hybrid Cloud Services & Data Center Cloud Solutions

Superior Infrastructure and Services

Involta orchestrates IT transformation journeys using well-defined and rigorous processes to deliver hybrid cloud solutions, consulting, and data center services tailored to our clients’ business drivers. We pair strategic consulting with the unique ability to leverage owned colocation facilities and infrastructure assets to deliver highly secure and reliable solutions every day.

We believe optimal performance begins with partnership. Our approach begins with understanding our clients’ needs and earning their trust to ultimately deliver the experience we promise. We provide our clients the power to transform their technology and the freedom to focus on their core business.

Our partnership with Alert Logic ensures our clients have access to a robust managed security solution that easily pairs with our comprehensive IT solutions and is scalable to meet the specific business needs.

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Security Operations Center Overview

Involta monitors and analyzes our customers’ security posture on an ongoing basis through a combination of supported security toolsets, incident response and operational process that are key to securing your most critical assets. With Involta Secure, you gain the edge of our team of 200+ Security Operations Center (SOC) specialists. We monitor your systems around the clock and manage predictive toolsets so we can stop attacks before they happen.

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Involta SecureHealth: Stronger Together

Involta Secure was designed to protect IT environments. Involta SecureHealth adds Alert Logic’s expert managed detection and response services to give healthcare organizations an unmatched advantage in IT security.

Involta Secure is the first line of defense against IT security breaches and attacks – it’s the core of our Security Operations Center (SOC). As a dedicated security team, our job is to monitor and analyze our clients’ security posture 24/7 from our SOC. When we detect there is a detection of threats or intrusions, we’ll apply proactive defensive solutions.

Involta has strengthened our Involta Secure service line with Alert Logic’s innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) model to transform healthcare IT environments. Alert Logic’s SaaS delivers unrivaled security value to identify and address breaches and gaps before they can cause real damage.

9 Common Security Mistakes Your Organization Might Be Making

Based on statistics like this, and our experiences providing IT security services and consulting to companies of all sizes, we’re comfortable saying that most companies should be very concerned about their security practices.

There are nine security mistakes that are commonly made over and over again. Companies that are making any of these should consider themselves extremely vulnerable to compromise and possibly breach. Continue reading to find out what these common security mistakes are and what you can do to avoid these mistakes. Before it’s too late.

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