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Compliance in the EU Report

Going into effect in May 2018, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) represents the most sweeping change in data privacy regulation in decades. This GDPR compliance report is the result of comprehensive research in cooperation with the 370,000 member Information Security Community on LinkedIn in partnership with Crowd Research Partners to explore the perspectives of organizations located in the European Union on the impact of the new regulations and how they plan to be in compliance with the mandated GDPR requirements.

The survey uncovered key findings such as:

  • While an overwhelming majority of surveyed EU companies are familiar with the EU GDPR regulations, only about a third (33%) state that they are compliant or well on the way to compliance.
  • About a third of EU based companies (32%) expect substantial changes to their company’s security practices and technologies in order to become compliant with EU GDPR policies.
  • The biggest challenge in becoming GDPR compliant is lack of budget (50%), closely followed by lack of expertise (48%) and limited understanding of GDPR regulations (37%).
  • Among the many articles of GDPR, EU companies are most concerned about “Data protection by design and by default”, likely because it implies significant system re-design and investment in data protection controls and processes.
  • Only 5% of EU companies believe they are in compliance with all applicable GDPR requirements today. 27% are not confident they will meet the deadline.

Download this report to learn how your peers are approaching data security and gain valuable benchmark data to gauge your own organization’s GDPR preparedness stacks up compared with others.

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