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Securing Your Multi-Cloud Environment with Microsoft and Alert Logic

It’s no surprise that security in a multi-cloud environment can be complex, but having practical steps to secure it shouldn’t be.

Whether you’re optimizing your environment, spinning up new workloads or adding a new cloud to your environment, you can’t afford to overlook several key elements needed to safeguard your environment. Organizations can struggle with understanding what they are responsible for and what the cloud platform provider’s security commitments are. For those that do, the next step is understanding what controls and services they can utilize to achieve a strong security posture and operational continuity.  

Alert Logic and Microsoft have combined forces to share key steps to securing your enterprise. Join Microsoft’s Principal Cloud Solution Architect, Daniel Swart and Alert Logic’s Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager, Josh Davies, as they:  

  • Discuss the 5 key elements to cloud security  
  • Highlight key benchmarks to utilize  
  • Demonstrate MDR capabilities to enhance visibility and manage exposure  
  • Walk through how to leverage Azure and MDR services for managing environment  
  • Discuss best practices and mistakes to avoid   

Presented by:

Josh Davies

Josh Davies

Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager, Alert Logic

Daniel Swart

Daniel Swart

Principal Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

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