Stories from the SOC - Identifying Infected Machines Through Anomalous Behavior

Learn about how Alert Logic detected and helped our customer eliminate cryptomining malware that had infected them before they joined us, and how we went on to clear out a strong foothold the attacker had gained.

Polymorphic malware is notoriously hard to detect, requiring more than a signature-based approach. In this Story from the SOC learn about how Alert Logic detected the Emotet malware through analysis of unusual behaviour on a customer’s network.

A Security Operations Center (SOC) provides proactive threat monitoring, threat detection, and advice to stop threats quickly. But you may be surprised at what goes on behind the scenes to keep you safe. Our SOC analysts monitor for malicious activity 24/7 to separate the needles you need to care about from the rest of the stack of needles. With cybersecurity experts watching over your business, you have the freedom to focus on what’s important —developing innovative solutions and growing your business.

You’ll hear:

  • Real-world experiences and techniques used to defend against attempted attacks and breaches
  • Strategies to help you proactively identify and address high risk areas
  • The critical role a SOC plays in a 24/7 defensive cybersecurity strategy

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