Reduce the Risk to Your Business

  • Threat detection that spans the entire attack surface and operates at scale
  • Protect your business - including your containers and applications - with the proven combination of network intrusion detection (IDS), vulnerability management, log management, and web application firewall protection for hybrid, cloud, and on-premises environments
  • Threat intelligence based on industry data and expert research, with machine-learning based on data analysis across thousands of customers’ attack surface
  • Real-time alerting, incident verification, and remediation guidance from experts available 24/7 with a 15-minute SLA for verified incidents

Application attacks account for over 75% of all security incidents*.  And, according to the latest Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), there was a 300 percent increase in web app attacks since 2014**. Attackers use new flaws or refine their methods to target your applications. And, without a threat detection solution, you're putting your customers at risk.

Alert Logic’s offerings give you access to visibility, threat detection, and a web application firewall to watch over your applications—all with the flexibility to get the right coverage across your environments.

*Alert Logic Cloud Security Report 2017
**Verizon DBIR

Security Monitoring and Threat Analysis

Alert Logic provides insight into the real threats in your environments, helping you make more informed security investment. And, you'll get an intrusion detection system that includes security monitoring and threat analysis from certified security experts that helps you detect threats, analyze, and prioritize incidents.

  • Security monitoring and threat analysis from certified security experts 
  • Receive notification of critical issues within 15 minutes 
  • Get clear recommended actions and steps to take to address the issue.

Meet Compliance Mandates

We'll help you capture the right data, minimize storage requirements, meet compliance mandates, and trace activity to gain a deeper understanding of what happened when an event occurs. 

  • Capture the right data while minimizing storage requirements
  • Easily integrate log data from applications, workloads, and infrastructure assets

Alert Logic provides the following Threat Detection and Response capabilities:

Security Platform
Threat Intelligence
Expert Defenders
  • Security Platform
  • Identify OWASP Top 10 web application vulnerabilities in custom-built or commercial apps with PCI ASV-level scanning
  • Get a complete list of missing security patches, unauthorized applications, and risky network configurations
  • Detect vulnerabilities missed by agent-based scanners with virtual scanner appliances that scan anything with an IP address
  • Log collection and monitoring to trace activity to gain a deeper understanding of what happened when an event occurs
  • Detect threats to containers running on AWS, Azure, and on-premises deployed Docker, AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS), Kubernetes, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and CoreOS
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Receive guided remediation support
  • Obtain critical data such as threat frequency, severity, and status intelligence as well as threat monitoring, event insights, and analysis
  • Threat Risk Index: Leverage Alert Logic security intelligence and public vulnerability severity data to gain insights into potential attack risk.
  • Expert Defenders
  • 24/7 SOC monitoring your environments 24/7 with incident management, escalation, and response support

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What Our Customers Say

We would have needed multiple vendors to be able to do what we are doing with just Alert Logic. If I were talking to one of my colleagues in the industry who is looking for a cybersecurity solution, I would recommend Alert Logic, hands down. I’ve never seen such a comprehensive cybersecurity solution ever.

Lee Ramsey, Co-Founder

The Alert Logic team’s analysis of our logs has really helped us to understand what our applications are telling us, and what ‘normal’ and ‘good’ states look like, which is a view that we didn’t have before. It’s great working with a specialist and leader in this space who provide continuous monitoring and visibility.”

Mieke Kooij, Security Director, Trainline

What's most important they can put a person, it's not just an automatic notification, but put a person to work with us to analyze the situation.

Sergey Arutiunov, Chief Technology Officer, Thru, Inc

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