Critical Watch Report:

The State of Threat Detection 2018

Cyberattack methods have evolved aggressively to become more targeted, more sophisticated, and more frequent. Learn how to keep up with the fast-moving threat landscape.

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Read the findings from our analysis of 1.2 billion security anomalies, 7.3 million events, and over 250 thousand verified incidents across 4000+ organizations.

Lessons Learned from the
Cybersecurity Front Line

Cybersecurity is currently dominating the headlines – data breaches happen on a regular basis. Cybersecurity is a space that is undergoing significant transformation in trying to gain the upper hand on hackers, and is under a constant bombardment of scrutiny. Watch this eye-opening webinar with Dan Pitman, Alert Logic’s Senior Solutions Architect, as he discusses the perils of the cybersecurity industry.

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The Cyber Killchain

The attack techniques used by malicious actors have evolved, but have your security methods evolved with it? Learn how to defend against the realities of today’s threats.

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