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Overcoming Web Application Security Challenges

For most organizations today, the use of web applications and APIs is a necessary component of running their business to gain efficiency and scale. However, 55% say securing web applications has become more difficult in the last couple of years. This is the result of an ever-growing dependency on web apps coupled with a deficiency in application security skills plaguing most organizations today.

Join John Grady, Principal Analyst at ESG and Josh Davies, Principal Product Marketing Manager at Fortra’s Alert Logic, as they dive into the complexity of protecting web applications and APIs with managed web application firewall (WAF). You will walk away from this session understanding the key steps needed to approach your web application strategy and put best practices into action.

During this session, they will discuss:

  • Challenges and risks of running web applications & APIs in a complex threat landscape
  • Common struggles with the management and tuning of web application protections (dynamic applications, changes to attack surface and false positive resolution)
  • Key capabilities for an effective web application protection strategy including DDoS, API protection, emerging threat protection and adaptive security policies
  • How managed WAF can support your web application strategy

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Presented by:

Josh Davies

Principal Product Marketing Manager, Fortra's Alert Logic


John Grady

Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group