Alert Logic EnterpriseTM

Always-On Defenses with Experts Included

Alert Logic Enterprise gives you options for a managed WAF and assigned SOC analyst. Receive premium cybersecurity benefits and access to specialists at the right cost for your business.

Managed WAF Defense

Assigned SOC


Alert Logic Enterprise Coverage

Alert Logic Enterprise provides deeper security coverage for assets, vulnerabilities, and web applications for any environment with options for an assigned security analyst and managed Web Application Firewall. Access even greater protection to assist with incident response, security posture improvements, dark web scanning, and threat hunting. Get premium cybersecurity benefits and access to specialists at the right cost for your business.


Use SIEMless Threat Management to deliver a security program that is simple to implement and maintain, easy to use and provides a strong program ROI with a lower cost than other approaches.

Our Enterprise offering includes these options plus all the strengths of our Professional and Essentials offerings:

Alert Logic Professional

Capabilities Include:

  • 24/7 SOC with Incident Management
  • Security Analytics & Threat Intelligence
  • Log Collection and Monitoring
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Security Event Insights & Analysis
  • Office 365 Log Collection & Search
  • Azure Event Hub Integration
  • AWS User Behavior Anomaly Detection
  • Anti-Virus Integration

Alert Logic Essentials

Capabilities Include:

  • Asset Discovery
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Cloud Configuration Checks
  • Endpoint protection
  • Threat Risk Index
  • Compliance Scanning and Reporting
  • Support for Multiple Environments

Always-on Managed WAF Defense

Protect your enterprise with an always-on WAF defense against web attacks including the OWASP Top 10, emerging threats, and zero-day vulnerabilities.

With Alert Logic Enterprise, you can get:

  • A fully-managed and updated Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • A team of security experts watching over your web applications, continuously monitoring them, and actively tuning and building policies for the threats that are out there now
  • A WAF that is easy to set up without the associated time, costs, and learning curve
  • Verified testing against a library of more than 2.1 million web application attacks
  • Advanced detection capabilities to spot and block malicious activity

Assigned SOC Analyst

With the option of an assigned SOC analyst from our 24/7 Security Operations Center, you get access to a security analyst that knows your business environment, your specific risks, and can really delve into the specifics of your threat environment.

This option extends your existing security team with threat research and exclusive knowledge and research on the latest attacks all without the expense and hassle of keeping expensive cybersecurity experts on staff. This option also includes incident response should the need arise.

Go behind the scenes of our global
Security Operations Center (SOC) in this 4-minute video

Controlled Threat Hunting

Threat hunting is a proactive approach to cybersecurity that identifies and disrupts your cyber threats that threaten your business. With this Enterprise option, you can rapidly uncover time-sensitive insights about your cyber threat actors and their activity so you can thwart current threats and enhance security measures against future ones.

With this service option, our analysts take a deeper look into your enterprise, seeking indicators of compromise and turning disparate data sets into comprehensive and actionable threat intelligence. This cost-effective option can reduce dwell time and stop attacks before they start.

On-Demand Webinar: Threat Hunting, the Difference Between Safe and Sorry. Watch Now

What Our Customers Say

We would have needed multiple vendors to be able to do what we are doing with just Alert Logic. If I were talking to one of my colleagues in the industry who is looking for a cybersecurity solution, I would recommend Alert Logic, hands down. I’ve never seen such a comprehensive cybersecurity solution ever.

Lee Ramsey, Co-Founder

We want to be secure, but we also want to focus on developing our product. Alert logic frees up company resources, so we don’t have to dedicate people to security.

Ian Beatty, Director Infrastructure & Information Security

Running container deployments without blind spots on AWS is essential to our business, to our client service, and for compliance requirements. That’s why Alert Logic's container security is the key to providing the real-time visibility we need on AWS.

Mike Santimaw, VP of Information Security, Innovation Labs & Corporate Solutions

Alert Logic Enterprise Benefits

Security Platform
  • Always-on Managed WAF Defense
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Log Collection and Monitoring
Threat Intelligence
  • Security Analytics
Expert Defenders
  • 24/7 Incident Monitoring & Management
  • Security Event Insights and Analysis
  • Assigned SOC Analyst
  • Controlled Threat Hunting

Enterprise Capabilities Also Available In

Enterprise Capabilities Also Available In
Capability Cloud Insight Threat Manager Log Manager Web Security
Manager Premier
Cloud Defender ActiveWatch Premier
AWS discovery and topology mapping
AWS cloud configuration exposure scanning
AWS vulnerability scanning - network
On-premises vulnerability scanning
PCI DSS 3.2 Level 2 scanning (external)
Support for Scanning and PCI ASV process
Network threat detection (IDS)
Security Analytics for IDS, (rule and ML based)
Security Analytics Content subscription for IDS
Expert managed services for threat detection
Expert threat triage, escalation, & response support
Maintenance of TM appliance and agent health
Maintenance of LM appliance and agent health
Log collection
Log parsing & normalization
Log Search and retention
Security Analytics for Log
Security Analytics Content subscription for Log
Managed web application firewall
Web response anomaly detection
Assigned security analyst
Security posture review
Threat hunting

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