Workload Security With Google Cloud Services Security

You have an important decision to make when it comes to determining the best way to provide the security needed for the workloads you are running on Google Cloud - the safety of your data depends on it. That’s why we created a Security-as-a-Service solution built specifically for public cloud environments like yours. Whether you are just getting started on Google Cloud, or you already have multiple workloads deployed that require advanced protection, Alert Logic experts can help you secure your data and proactively manage threats as you expand your cloud presence. 

Find out why over 4,000 companies trust Alert Logic to secure their most valuable data, from the data center to the cloud.

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Google Cloud Security Means Shared Responsibilities

Security in Google Cloud Platform is a shared responsibility. Google is responsible for the security of the cloud, meaning they provide physical security, instance isolation, and other foundational security capabilities. Meanwhile, you are responsible for what you put into your cloud environment, meaning you must secure your applications and data. Alert Logic combines managed intrusion detection systems (IDS), log management and web application firewall services with a team of cyber security analysts, threat researchers and other experts located in our Global Security Operations Centers (SOC) to provide you with the protection you need for your Google Cloud-based applications and data.

Google Cloud Security - Cloud Shared Responsibility Model

Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Detection and Compliance

Alert Logic® delivers a solution to support your Google Cloud services security and Google Cloud compliance needs. With a single solution, you get the software, analytics and managed security services needed to assess your vulnerabilities, streamline compliance, and receive accurate, timely and useful incident notifications on active threats including multi-stage web application attacks.

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Block Malicious Web Application Traffic

Alert Logic® offers a managed web application firewall (WAF) that is highly tunable, enterprise-grade, cloud-based and comes with your own security experts to eliminate management overhead and complexity. Alert Logic application security experts understand your business applications and Google Cloud Platform workloads and become extensions of your security team. All web traffic is identified and validated before being passed along to the web servers, ensuring it cannot be bypassed by using resource exhaustion or network traffic obfuscation methods.

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