Why You Need SOC Managed Security Services

Cybersecurity events are on the rise. As organizations increasingly migrate their IT assets to the cloud and continue to transition to hybrid and remote work environments, they have exposed their critical systems and networks to risk — and bad actors are taking advantage. 

These are some of the top cybersecurity challenges that organizations must grapple with today:

Attacks Increasing
The number of attacks is increasing

With more data, applications, systems, and other assets stored in vulnerable cloud locations than ever, bad actors are stealing an enormous volume of customer and enterprise data. In many cases, they use that data to exact massive ransoms from organizations, which can lead to long-term (possibly permanent) financial and reputational damage. 

Complex Organizations
Organizations are more complex, and that means attacks are too

The increasing reliance on highly complex IT environments that consist of an interwoven range of public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises assets has expanded security vulnerabilities that malicious actors are identifying and becoming adept at exploiting.

Personnel Shortage
There is a shortage of cybersecurity personnel

It is becoming more difficult for organizations to locate qualified cybersecurity professionals with the appropriate skills needed to protect against the latest threats. Even when they do have well-trained staff in house, it’s difficult to provide proper training and upskilling to ensure they are out in front of the latest trends and developments in cybersecurity.

The development of new applications far outpaces security

Time to value is critical for organizations that want to stay ahead of market demands and meet customer expectations instantly. Unfortunately, the rapid development of new applications and workflows often means security is an afterthought at the design stage. Businesses are left to consider security only when a problem emerges, which usually means the costs are higher.

New Applications Outpaces Security
Traditional-style attacks are more effective

Despite the increasing sophistication of cybersecurity attacks, bad actors are still relying on traditional methods to penetrate critical systems and exfiltrate sensitive data. Phishing, ransomware, and other malware attacks remain among the most common types of cybersecurity breaches, and organizations must continue to employ best practices to guard against them.

Traditional Attacks Are More Effective
Building a SOC is expensive

A fully staffed SOC requires 15-20 people which is challenging considering the industry shortage in personnel. The costs to hire, salaries, ongoing training, turnover, and the security toolset push the fully burdened estimates to $2 Million to $5 Million USD per year. For many organizations this is cost prohibitive.

Building a SOC is expensive

Features of Our Managed SOC Service

At Alert Logic, we have a team of highly experienced cybersecurity professionals who work with your organization to craft a security strategy that fits your specific needs. Our SOC managed services are part of our broader MDR solution, which provides you with the tools, personnel, expertise, and experience you need to detect, investigate, respond to, and mitigate threats — before they do damage to your business.

Here are the key features of our managed SOC service:

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Centralized security platform

Alert Logic’s security platform provides a dashboard view of all security alerts, analysis, recommendations, and other threat information so you can easily navigate the cyber threat landscape and take appropriate action to mitigate risk.

Why Alert Logic?


Your own assigned analyst

With Alert Logic MDR Enterprise we’ll assign a dedicated security analyst from our security operations services to your account.

Designated Security Expert

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Coexistence with your current security environment

Alert Logic’s SOC managed services work in tandem with your existing security teams, processes, and operations to strengthen and optimize their capabilities and help them meet the highest security standards. 

Comprehensive Coverage


Unrivaled cloud security expertise

Our team has the skills, experience, and expertise to monitor your security infrastructure no matter how complex or difficult. Our experts stay abreast of all the latest developments in cloud computing to better understand emerging security trends.

Cloud Leadership

Our Approach to SOC as a Service

We take a holistic approach to SOC as a service, providing organizations with 24/7, end-to-end security coverage so they can feel confident knowing every serious attempt to breach their systems is detected and thwarted. 

Here’s a look at our process: 

  • Collect: We collect massive volumes of raw data from across your entire security stack, including packets, logs, and HTTP/HTTPs.
  • Inspect: We conduct routine assessments of your raw data to draw out any observations of note that could point to a security alert.
  • Analyze: We perform a full analysis of all security alerts to learn the nature of each alert and possibly elevate them to incident status.
  • Investigate: We investigate all incidents to understand the seriousness of each one and judge whether further action is needed.
  • Escalate & notify: We classify all threats and validate incidents. If any high or critical incidents arise, we call your security team within 15 minutes of detection with remediation guidance.
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Benefits of Our SOC Managed Security Service 

Complete and comprehensive threat analysis

The Alert Logic team conducts a full analysis of your security detection systems and log information and assesses the legitimacy of different security alerts. We notify your team only if we detect a real security breach. You no longer have to waste time and energy worrying about and addressing false positives, devoting your resources only to those security alerts that pose a problem.

24/7 coverage for maximum peace of mind

Cybersecurity breaches can happen at any time of the day, and the team at Alert Logic is ready no matter when bad actors choose to strike. We have hundreds of cybersecurity professionals located across the world, ensuring someone is monitoring your threat detection and incident response protocols at all hours of the day (and night). 

Avoid Vulnerability with Icons

Major resource savings

One of the chief benefits of partnering with Alert Logic is that you gain access to a trusted team of cybersecurity experts with the latest insights and tools needed to maximize your security posture. You’re able to save resources that otherwise would be devoted to cybersecurity and refocus them on other revenue-generating initiatives. 

Customized security approach

Alert Logic understands that every organization has its own unique security needs and challenges. That’s why our MDR solutions are tailored to match the security requirements of every asset in your infrastructure, ensuring you’re getting a security solution that best helps you protect against and mitigate all potential security threats. 

Security Operations Center expert at computer
“Tango immediately saw the benefits after the Alert Logic team of experts detected attack patterns coming from China and made recommendations to our Tango team on how to address them. We implemented those recommendations immediately to ensure none of the traffic coming from that area could have access to our system.”
Wayne Moore

Head of Information Security

“Partnering with Alert Logic allows me to keep a leaner team. Also, instead of drowning in false positives, we only have to wake up at night when there’s an actual problem.”
Bill Thornton

Vice President

“Our current team would have to be twice the size to be able to give ourselves the kind of coverage that we’re getting with Alert Logic.”

Cheng Zhou

Director of Site Reliability Engineering

“With Alert Logic, we have a cybersecurity solution that consistently works. Solution deployment is also quick and can be done in a matter of minutes.”

Antoine Noel

Chief Information Security Officer


Need more information about SOC as a service to help you guide your decision? Browse our FAQs index for answers to some of the cybersecurity industry’s most frequently asked questions: 

What is SOC as a service?

The SOC as a service delivery model enables organizations to outsource their threat detection and incident response processes to a trusted third-party security operations center with the tools and expertise to manage their cybersecurity systems and processes. SOC as a service gives organizations the flexibility to protect their critical systems without the added costs that come with building their own teams and infrastructure.

How does an organization benefit from SOC as a service?

Cybersecurity is essential to maintaining operational stability and business continuity in the current digital age. Unfortunately, it usually costs organizations huge amounts of their resources to hire, train, and upskill their security teams, in addition to investing in the software and hardware assets required to build a robust security infrastructure. 

SOC as a service enables organizations to offload many of these costs while still ensuring they’re safeguarding the security of their enterprise and consumer data. Organizations can then refocus those savings to other areas of their business to help drive innovation and fuel growth. 

What is a SOC managed security service provider?

A managed SOC provider equips organizations with the tools, solutions, expertise, and experience to conduct real-time assessment of all security alerts, in-depth threat intelligence in order to inform appropriate response plans and remediation strategies in the event of a successful breach. Managed security service providers are dedicated professionals, meaning they monitor customers’ security infrastructure on a 24/7 basis so business executives can feel confident their security is safeguarded. 

Why should you use managed SOC services?

Agility is one of the keys to success in the modern business environment. Organizations are constantly pressured to streamline their processes in order to stay flexible in the face of change. Managed SOC services enable organizations to vastly reduce their operational bureaucracy, decrease their IT spend, and adapt to new market demands. 

The more organizations can outsource critical business functions to third parties, the more time, money, and personnel they have to create new value for their customers. 

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