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Our Experts, Your Security

Not all companies can afford to operate a Security Operations Center, managing security technologies and hiring and training cybersecurity experts is a major undertaking and rarely contributes to business objectives and revenue growth. With our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service you benefit from end-to-end SOC as a service, which includes the technologies and experts critical to securing your business.

  • 24/7 Globally distributed security operations centers staffed by hundreds of experts

  • Subscription based services that manage and monitor your logs, devices, clouds, network, and assets.

  • Cloud based services or access to security information and actionable guidance to improve your security posture

  • Security detection technologies included with a managed onboarding process to get you up and running quickly

Security Operations Center expert at computer

Then Our Relentlessly Vigilant Expert Defenders Go to Work

SOC security services flow chart
“Tango immediately saw the benefits after the Alert Logic team of experts detected attack patterns coming from China and made recommendations to our Tango team on how to address them. We implemented those recommendations immediately to ensure none of the traffic coming from that area could have access to our system.”
Wayne Moore

Head of Information Security

“Partnering with Alert Logic allows me to keep a leaner team. Also, instead of drowning in false positives, we only have to wake up at night when there’s an actual problem.”
Bill Thornton

Vice President

Evolving Threat Vigilance in Action

Threat Management Protected Alert Logic Customers Against WannaCry

New attacks are constantly being unleashed into the wild. With Alert Logic’s managed security operations center, you’re protected against these attacks and the many variations that arise. WannaCry affected hundreds of thousands of victims, but Alert Logic customers were protected every step of the way. Here’s how:

  • Threat Intelligence: WannaCry is released and Alert Logic develops a signature
  • Security Platform: Our threat engine detects and alerts when WannaCry is present
  • Expert Defenders: Using a combination of data analytics, machine learning, and deep security expertise, the SOC analyzes and raises alerts and incidents for our customers
  • Threat Intelligence: Threat researchers continue to analyze WannaCry as it evolves
  • Security Platform: The Alert Logic detection engine is updated with each evolution
  • Threat Intelligence: With each new variant, we provide the latest protection for our customers

Big Data Powers and “Herd Immunity” Provide More Insight to Protect You

Our researchers, data scientists, and developers sit atop a uniquely large, deep and clean set of data: petabytes of network, log and HTTP session data. It is consistently and continuously collected from cloud and on-premises data centers and thousands of companies worldwide, giving our experts more insight into your adversaries and how to detect and disrupt them.

We also leverage industry-recognized threat intelligence sources containing information on IP/Domain reputation, malware communications, command-and-control servers etc. to provide our SOC as a service customers with the most robust threat detection intelligence.

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Your Own Assigned Analyst and Threat Hunter From Our SOC Services

Many customers decide to add Alert Logic Enterprise MDR platform, an optional service which provides an assigned security analyst from our security operations services. Your assigned analyst serves as your personal threat hunter, provides ongoing securing posture reviews, and gets in the “trenches” with you to respond to incidents. Find out more about our SOC as a Service pricing.