6 Steps to Overcoming PCI DSS Compliance Challenges in Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Environments

As companies migrate to the cloud, adopt multiple cloud service providers and maintain on-premises environments, achieving PCI Compliance becomes increasingly more complex due to the changing nature of cloud environments.

6 Steps to Overcoming PCI DSS Compliance Challenges in Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Environments eBook explains what it takes to achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance across all your environments and what to consider when evaluating PCI DSS solutions.

PCI Compliance Faster & Easier

Achieving PCI compliance is challenging, staying PCI DSS compliant is even harder. Environments constantly change. Requirements are vague. Staffing is strained.

Alert Logic will help you get PCI compliant faster. Our automated security controls streamline assessment and detection of vulnerabilities and suspicious behavior that could jeopardize your PCI DSS compliance status. Our security experts offload the daily tasks required by PCI DSS processes. All at a fraction of the total cost and time of traditional security tools.

  • Save Time
    Get PCI compliant quickly using a managed solution with automated PCI controls, delivered as-a-service.
  • Less Effort
    Rely on our experts to review your reports and respond to alerts. Every day of the year.
  • Keep Pace
    Stay PCI DSS compliant as you migrate and expand in the cloud and hybrid cloud environments.
PCI Compliance

"Alert Logic lets us go beyond simply being PCI compliant, both by taking time-consuming, ongoing compliance tasks off our hands and more important, being a security partner who’s monitoring our AWS environment constantly."

- Gautam Lulla, Chief Operating Officer

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Broad PCI DSS Coverage, Made Easy

You shouldn’t have to be an expert, or need to add staff. We’ll make it easy to achieve continuous PCI DSS compliance.

  • Run unlimited PCI ASV scans to ensure your environments are secure and always ready for audits
  • Work with PCI ASV qualified experts anytime to review external scan results, get remediation and mitigation guidance, and prepare for audits
  • Use our intuitive console to dispute scan results and submit compensating control evidence to avoid surprises and issues near the end of a quarter
  • Schedule automatic delivery of executive and detailed vulnerability reports to key stake holders
PCI DSS Compliance
  • Automate log collection and log monitoring of assets across your cloud and hybrid cloud environments
  • Easily build custom reports and alerts for rapid notifications on suspicious behaviors that might impact security and compliance
  • Instantly access years of raw and parsed data for forensics and compliance audits—fully managed, secured and replicated
  • Ensure your log data is reviewed 365 days a year by our analysts for complete coverage of PCI DSS 10.6
  • Count on our team to follow-up on events that could jeopardize your compliance, and address PCI DSS 10.6.3
  • Get daily and monthly log review reports on incident trends across all your protected environments
PCI Compliance PCI Compliance
  • Protect cardholder data from network and OWASP Top 10 attacks with fully managed web application firewall (WAF) technologies
  • Work with application security analysts to set up and configure your WAF, and begin inspecting your traffic patterns on Day 1
  • Count on our team of experts to regularly tune your WAF to block evolving attacks
PCI Compliance
  • Detect threats to your applications, workloads and infrastructure with a managed intrusion detection system
  • Quickly deploy distributed IDS sensors for full-packet inspection of all network traffic in your cloud and hybrid cloud environments
  • Get insights into all incidents, enriched with threat intelligence and correlation, available in real-time via your web interface
PCI Compliance

Services Offerings for PCI DSS 3.2 Compliance

The integrated services that make up Alert Logic® Cloud Defender® address a broad range of PCI DSS 3.2 requirements to help you prevent unauthorized access to customer cardholder data.

PCI Compliance Solutions
PCI DSS 3.2 Requirement Threat Manager Log Manager Log Review Web Security Manager Premier Cloud Defender
6.1 Identify newly discovered security vulnerabilities
11.2 Perform network vulnerability scans by an ASV at least quarterly or after any significant network change (includes 11.2.1, 11.2.2, 11.2.3)
11.4 Use intrusion-detection and/or intrusion-prevention techniques to detect and/or prevent intrusions into the networks.
10.1 Implement audit trails to link all access system components to each individual user
10.2 Automated audit trails
10.3 Capture audit trails
10.5 Automated audit trails
10.6 Review logs at least daily
10.7 Maintain logs online for three months
10.7 Retain audit trail for at least one year
6.5 Have process in place to protect applications from common vulnerabilities, such as injection flaws, buffer overflows and others
6.6 Address new threats and vulnerabilities on an on-going basis and ensure these applications are protected against known attacks
12.1 Implement an incident response plan. Be prepared to respond immediately to a system breach
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With multiple environments - AWS and on-premises - adhering to PCI requirements quickly and continuously was imperative to Rent-A-Center.

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