Reduce Your Attack Surface By Finding Vulnerabilities Before Your Adversaries Do

As application developers increasingly use open source and commercial frameworks and libraries to accelerate their production, they also introduce a long tail of inherited vulnerabilities that increase your attack surface. 

Vulnerability Management (All Environments):

Alert Logic provides SaaS solutions for DevOps and security teams to run internal and external vulnerability scans and reports for on-premises, hosted and cloud environments with continuous updates to more than 92,000 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) in software and certain network components. Alert Logic is a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) for conducting external scans for PCI DSS attestation as well as reporting for HIPAA and GLBA.

Vulnerability Management Solutions

Streamline PCI attestation with external scans, reporting and disputes

AWS Vulnerability Scanning:

In AWS environments, CVE scanning is an integral part of Alert Logic Cloud Insight.  Cloud Insight consumes APIs including CloudTrail and IAM to run agentless scans.  Unlike most solutions that require manual requests for permission to scan, Cloud Insight is pre-authorized by AWS to scan any time.

Cloud Insight adapts to your dynamic environment with automatic asset discovery and scanning of new instances within minutes of being added to your environment.  Cloud Insight also helps you understand where to take action by maintaining a current visual map of your topology that you can pivot by AMI, Instance ID & Type, IP range, Availability Zone, tags, and keywords

Network Vulnerabilities

Refresh anytime for a current view of your AWS environment, then pivot to see vulnerabilities by AMI, IP, Instance ID/type, Availability Zone, tags or keyword

AWS Cloud Configuration Auditing:

Continuous deployment and inconsistent skills with AWS security best practices increase the risk of launching unknown vulnerabilities in production, including improper configuration of AWS environments and services. In addition to CVE scanning, Alert Logic Cloud Insight performs configuration auditing for AWS environments, alerting you to exposures such as overly permissive security groups or IAM policies, ELBs using insecure ciphers and S3 buckets that allow unauthenticated access.  

Vulnerability Management Solution

Prioritize remediations based on criticality and quantity of vulnerabilities


"One of the biggest headaches I have with a regular vulnerability scanning tool is that it will spit out a list of IP addresses with vulnerabilities, but it is sometimes really a struggle to identify a vulnerability within my environment, let alone identify what subnet it’s on, what business process it’s related to. This tool makes remediation much easier than practically any other vulnerability management tool I’ve ever seen. It’s pretty clear that the people who have designed this have done vulnerability scanning for a living.”

Todd Thomas, Information Security Professional at JM Family

Assessment Capabilities in Alert Logic Products

Alert Logic®Cloud Insight

Provides vulnerability management for both CVEs and cloud configuration exposures, built specifically for AWS environments.

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Alert Logic® Cloud Defender®

Includes vulnerability management for AWS and any environment together with a full suite of threat detection services.

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Alert Logic® Threat Manager

Includes vulnerability management for AWS and any environment together with a full suite of threat detection services.

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Security Done Right

Alert Logic security is recognized by the industry’s top publications and analysts across multiple categories, including cyber security, vulnerability management, cloud security, and cyber security innovations.

  • Cyber Security Excellence Awards

    Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Company (over 500 employees)

  • Info Security Products Guide

    Global Excellence Gold Winner -
    Product Excellence - Cloud Security - Alert Logic Cloud Defender v1.5

  • Cyber Security Excellence Awards

    Vulnerability Management Winner 2016

  • SC Magazine European Awards

    Best Managed Security Service - Cloud Defender

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