Threat Growth Continues To Outpace And Overwhelm Cyber Security Technology

Cyber security tools by themselves create growing haystacks of false positives that bury the needles of real cyber threats. On average:

  • Organizations receive 17,000 alerts… a week
  • Staff can only respond to 4%
  • 81% are deemed not reliable…
  • …and waste 2/3 of staff time

Cyber Security Experts Are In Short Supply

Can you hire enough experts who know how to shrink haystacks and recognize needles? There is currently a 1M global shortage of skilled security workers that is expected to grow to 1.8M by 2022. (Source: (ISC)²®)


Add Cyber Security Experts To Your Team Without Adding Staff

Technology + Experts = More Valuable Outcomes

With Alert Logic, cyber security experts are “included” as part of an integrated solution with people, process, and technology to deliver outcomes you need such as actionable incident reports, live notifications of threats and accurate blocking of malicious web requests. 

No Need To BYOT (Bring Your Own Tech)

Unlike Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) who operate tools their customers buy from different vendors, Alert Logic cyber security experts share a common set of tools and processes they help to develop and continuously improve.

Big Data

Big Data Powers More Insight To Protect You

Our researchers, data scientists and developers sit atop a uniquely large, deep and clean set of data: petabytes of network, log and HTTP session data. It is consistently and continuously collected from cloud and on-premises data centers and thousands of companies worldwide, giving our experts more insight into your adversaries and how to detect and disrupt them.

Expert CyberSecurity Specialists

We Have Already Assembled Your Workload Security “Dream Team”

We’ve assembled your “dream team” of experts so you don’t have to.  We investigate, research and analyze globally then monitor, enrich, validate and escalate incident reports on your environment so you can stay focused on your business until it’s time to act.

  • Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts continuously monitor, triage and escalate the most relevant threats
  • Data scientists develop and train algorithms to detect advanced, multi-stage threats
  • Security researchers replicate attacks to test how to better prevent, detect and remediate
  • Security content developers test, implement and continuously improve detection and blocking logic such as signatures and rules
  • Threat intelligence analysts look for changes in attack landscape and to understand the latest trends in how adversaries are operating.  We also work with dozens of organizations to gather and share threat intelligence including Recorded Futures, CISP, World Affairs Council and cloud, hosting and infrastructure partners.
Simply Business

“Partnering with Alert Logic allows me to keep a leaner team. Also, instead of drowning in false positives, we only have to wake up at night when there’s an actual problem.”

Wayne Moore, Head of Information Security, Simply Business

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White Glove Service

Get the assistance you need with expert services including:

  • A named analyst who conducts weekly, quarterly and annual on-site security reviews
  • Recommendations on security architecture, policies, processes and configurations
  • Monitoring common stolen data repositories for specific data
  • Custom signature development
  • Access to custom research


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