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Unrivaled Security Expertise

Our Fully Staffed Team of Cybersecurity Experts Always Has You Covered

Proven Technology + Dedicated Experts = Valuable Outcomes

Whether you need to hit the start button or extend your existing organization, Alert Logic has your back. We provide our customers access to a full spectrum of cybersecurity experts, from onboarding to operations.

Our team of vetted professionals is always in pursuit of ensuring your protection, so you can focus on business outcomes and not security concerns. With more than 150 highly trained and certified career experts, you truly are in secure hands with Alert Logic.


Stories from the SOC

Identifying Infected Machines Through Anomalous Behavior

Security Experts

Meet Your

Alert Logic Security Team

From threat hunters and handlers to scientists and researchers, protecting your organization is our sole purpose.

MDR Concierge

“I am the ultimate hands-on, facilitator, your single point of contact and accountability at Alert Logic. If you need anything, at any time, pertaining to your MDR service, I will be available to provide my personal assistance and support.”


Security Operations Analyst

“As a member of the Security Operations team, I continuously monitor, triage, and escalate threats that might put your organization at risk. My goal is to stop bad things from posing any harm to you.”


Veteran Security Operations Analyst

“As the most experienced member of the Security Operations team, I am assigned to specific accounts and provide a single point of expertise, delivering individualized plans and tailored intelligence. I work to identify and disrupt complex and sophisticated threats through threat hunting and advanced techniques.”

Threat Intelligence Researcher

Threat Intelligence Researcher

“My role is to research the threat landscape and replicate attacks to better prevent, detect and remediate them. I work closely with our extended Security Operations team to inform and educate them, keeping them advised of all the latest intelligence and threats.”

Web Application Specialist

Web Application Specialist

“I am part of a specialist team focused on Web Application threat detection and the Alert Logic WAF, we are experts in security with a focus on web applications; intimately understanding how they are built and operate and the threats our customers face on their most critical assets.”


Data Scientist

“Analyzing data and uncovering emerging threats is my forte. If I identify something that needs investigating, I dig deep to learn more and then incorporate what we find into our knowledge base. Our customers are better protected because of what we learn.”


Implementation Architect

“I work with you to activate and configure your new services, making sure you start realizing immediate value from the Alert Logic MDR solution.”

Security Project Manager

Security Project Manager

“My goal is to create a seamless implementation and delivery experience for your organization by being your personal guide throughout the onboarding process.”

Solution Specialist

Solution Specialist

“My team provides 24/7 platform support to our customers. Deployment health and data visibility is critical to our services and we ensure all our customers get the best from our solution.”

Soc 15

While no level of investment prevents or blocks 100% of attacks, you can be assured that our Security Operations team is continuously identifying and addressing breaches or gaps before they cause real damage. We work around the clock to keep your organization protected. ​

Always-on Global Security Operations Centers Keeping Constant Vigilance

You need it and we have it. No matter what your environment or requirements, our security operations team is by your side. Staffed with over 150 cybersecurity experts, our security operations center keeps pace with the latest threat landscape by utilizing cutting-edge technology, data, and methods to actively monitor all your assets 24/7. Should something cause a critical alarm, you’ll know about it firsthand within 15 minutes.

Ready to Protect Your Company with Alert Logic MDR?