For 10 years, Fortra’s Alert Logic has been part of the AWS Partner Network (APN), a global community of partners that leverage programs, expertise, and resources to build, market, and sell customer offerings. This diverse network features 100,000 partners from more than 150 countries.

During the past decade, AWS has collaborated with Alert Logic to create cloud-native, purpose-built security solutions for customers that scale with their cloud workloads. Some of the transformative highlights of the AWS and Alert Logic relationship through the AWS Partner Network includes Alert Logic evolving as the first MDR ISV to join the APN in 2012; building our second SOC in the UK and opening our UK offices in 2014; building our first network for IDS for containers in 2018; helping launch AWS Control Tower, AWS Outposts, and AWS Network Firewall in 2020; and most recently, achieving Level 1 Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) Competency and creating the Alert Logic Launchpad for AWS MSSPs program.

“Together with AWS, we’ve acted as launch partners for several important AWS services, including AWS Control Tower and AWS Outposts,” explained Koby Thibault, Director of Cloud Alliances at Fortra’s Alert Logic. “Alert Logic is looking to continue our upward trajectory with AWS in a few different ways. We will continue to integrate with as many AWS services as we can to ensure our customers are receiving the best possible experience. Our commitment to AWS Marketplace in unparalleled, and we will continue on that journey and strive to endlessly innovate with AWS.”

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