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Fortra XDR extends managed security coverage to every layer of your environment – endpoint, network, identify, and cloud – to quickly detect and respond to threats. Our managed XDR solution expertly combines technology and 24/7 security expertise to quickly bolster an organization’s security posture.

Your demo will include:

  • Discussing your organization’s current security challenges and requirements
  • Providing an overview of our XDR’s core features, UI, and dashboards
  • Exploring how our designated Fortra security analysts act as an extension of your team to optimize your security outcomes
  • Plenty of time for questions

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Why Organizations Choose Alert Logic

Visibility and Coverage

Comprehensive security coverage of the entire attack surface enables holistic visibility into, detection of, and response to potentially damaging threats.

Expert 24/7 SOC

As your partners in security, our global SOC provides expert threat triage, threat hunting, managed containment, and remediation guidance.

Advanced Analytics and Intelligence

Gain meaningful, contextual insights into potential threats through the identification, analysis, and correlation of data across numerous security tools and data sources.

Taking a Managed Approach to XDR

While there is no prevailing and accepted definition for XDR, the most common approach is tools-based. In today’s dynamic threat landscape, the reality is a combination of expertly executed tools and a skilled security team is crucial. With our managed approach, Fortra XDR ensures the security outcomes you demand and the security posture you deserve.

Our years of providing comprehensive managed security solutions has shown us that technology + people + processes is what delivers unrivaled security for our customers. With Fortra XDR, you’ll have:

  • The opportunity to work with a designated Fortra security analyst as an extension of your IT and security team.
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting including threat risk index, vulnerabilities, and security posture providing prioritized views of risk so you can focus on the greatest risk as well as enables you to prioritize security improvements and responses.
  • The Fortra Threat Brain analysis of thousands of data points, utilizing deep analytics and machine learning to identify unknown threats, and provide proactive guidance to remediate and reduce dwell time.
  • The ability to coordinate response across multiple security tools and sources including endpoint, network and cloud sources.
  • A balance between automation and human-guided response by leveraging playbooks and workflows for common use cases to quickly remediate threats.
  • Threat hunting team investigating IoCs, leveraging telemetry data sets to identify vulnerabilities and alert before real damage occurs.