New Economics of Cloud Security
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Cloud Security: Everything is Different

“How in the world do I balance the need to proactively protect valuable business data and cloud applications against increasingly advanced threats, without slowing down innovation or breaking the bank?” Sound like something that’s keeping you up at night?

We get it. And it’s why we work hard to help you balance that equation. The speed of the cloud brings a new dynamic to security that is best met by a cloud-native, Security-as-a-Service solution. While the cost advantages of these solutions are impressive compared to traditional perimeter security, the new economics of cloud security is about more than numbers. It is about freeing IT departments to innovate and take full advantage of everything that the cloud offers, so they can do what they are tasked to do: leverage technology to drive business.

Get Smart About The New Economics of Cloud Security.

New Economics of Cloud Security


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New Economics of Cloud Security

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Find out how The Garrigan Lyman Group keeps its customers protected in the cloud.

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New Economics of Cloud Security

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Learn how to evolve your security operations strategy to account for the cloud.

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On-Demand Webinar: The New Economics of Cloud Security

Watch this webinar for an in-depth discussion about the value of working with a managed Security-as-a-Service provider, featuring Forrester Research and Bentley Systems, a multinational provider of software solutions and services for the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure.