Date: 08/01/2024

Nowhere Left to Hide: Exposing Financial Services Fraudsters Who Hide in Plain Sight

In this webinar, Fortra shows financial services security professionals how to find financial fugitives, wherever they're hiding on the network.

Alert Logic Customer Insights

Get a quick introduction to Alert Logic MDR, our platform, and dashboards in this informative video.

Date: 07/17/2024

Fortra Proof of Concept

On July 17, our panel of Fortra product and strategy leaders aim to prove our concept by sharing the major accomplishments that drive our ability to increase security maturity while decreasing operational burden.

Alert Logic Rated a Leader in G2 Grid® Report for Managed Detection and Response

Alert Logic is thrilled to be a Leader in G2’s latest Grid® Report for Managed Detection and Response (MDR). Download the report to compare MDR software providers and streamline the buying process.

Overcoming PCI DDS Compliance Challenges

Learn how you can overcome challenges to PCI DSS 4.0 compliance while strengthening your overall security posture.

Eliminating the Complexity of Application Security

Watch the webinar as we unpack ESG’s research and insights into modern application security trends, diving deeper into the challenges and solutions.

What DORA Means to Your Organization

Learn what DORA is and who it applies to, how organizations can approach their DORA project and best practices to ensure DORA compliance.

Inside Alert Logic’s SOC: Vulnerability Management

Learn why vulnerability management is a core tenant of managed detection response and how security experts at Alert Logic perform this vital service.

Inside Alert Logic’s SOC: Visibility

Learn the key tenants of visibility, what that means for security, and how that underpins Alert Logic’s detection and response solutions.

Inside Alert Logic’s SOC: Tuning

In this webinar we discuss what tuning is, why it needs to be done, and how it helps deliver a better security outcomes.

Inside Alert Logic’s SOC: Meet the SOC

In this webinar, you’ll gain a unique view into our Security Operations Center and the work done by our team 24/7 for our detection and response customers.

Inside Alert Logic’s SOC: Managing Customer Success in MDR

Alert Logic customer experts discuss how they collaborate with customers to ensure they realize the value that MDR offers their organization.

Inside Alert Logic’s SOC: Emerging Threat Hunting

Experienced SOC Threat Hunters, Peter Walker and Jamal Heard discuss what threat hunting is and the importance of emerging threat hunting.

Inside Alert Logic’s SOC: Diversity in Cybersecurity

Our SOC team discusses the topic of diversity in security operations and why fostering a culture of diversity leads to better security analysis.

Blocking Advanced Web Attacks with WAF

Watch the webinar to learn how to block advanced web attacks with a WAF.

Inside Alert Logic’s SOC: Designated Analysts with Enterprise Level Solutions

In this session, Alert Logic's designated analysts discuss their role in an SOC, daily responsibilities, and how their expertise helps customers level up their security maturity.

Inside the SOC Webinar Series

This 8-part webinar series provides a look inside the SOC at Alert Logic and how the team resolves today’s cybersecurity challenges.

Achieving XDR Outcomes with a Managed Approach

In today’s dynamic threat landscape, a managed XDR approach can help you more effectively achieve the security outcomes you need.

Security Leader Panel Discussion: Strategies for Cyber Resilience

Security leaders share advice they would give to their peers for coming out on top in cyber resilience in 2024.

Fortra Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

With Fortra XDR, visibility extends across the IT estate including endpoints, networks, identity, and cloud for superior cybersecurity.



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