Alert Logic knew the challenges and benefits built into AWS. I had never seen a company that had actually tied its solution directly into AWS. It seemed like Alert Logic would make for a great partner.

Frank Shultz, Managing Director, BC in the Cloud

BC in the Cloud provides private and public-sector organizations with a complete, turnkey cloud computing solution for business continuity and disaster recovery. A rapidly growing business with clients ranging in size from 300 to 1 million employees, BC in the Cloud is focused on delivering a strong yet flexible platform that can adapt to the needs of its dynamic, world-wide client base.

The Challenge

BC in the Cloud has always been a cloud first, cloud only business — an approach designed to give the company the horizontal and vertical scalability needed to serve a geographically diverse client base. To support this level of agility, BC in the Cloud hosts its critical infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS). In addition to providing significant cost savings when compared to an in-house data center, using AWS enables BC in the Cloud to focus on its core business. Notes Patrick Escudero, BC in the Cloud Director of Technology, “Working with Alert Logic allows me to focus on making sure that everything is working great for our customers, rather than spending time worrying about the underlying hardware infrastructure.”

BC in the Cloud’s ability to host data remotely provides a major advantage. When their customer’s systems are down, BC in the Cloud can still facilitate a successful response and recovery.

The high value of these advantages motivated Shultz and his team to place an even greater focus on cybersecurity. He explains, “We need to make sure we are available when our customers need us. With the rise of global malware and rapidly spreading ransomware, we need to ensure our systems aren’t impacted by these events. Our customers rely on us to help them recover. We must make sure our systems are secure and operational.”

BC in the Cloud realized that to meet this commitment, it needed a security infrastructure capable of countering evolving cyber threats and providing 24/7/365 monitoring; while scaling effectively to support continuous, rapid expansion.

You start out as a young company with just a few customers, but as you keep growing and growing the cyber security threats become greater. I would be up at night wondering, ‘are we really doing enough?

Patrick Escudero, Director of Technology, BC in the Cloud

Why Alert Logic?

When searching for a cloud security solution, BC in the Cloud focused on how well various products integrated with AWS. Alert Logic’s tight integration with AWS is what ultimately drove the decision. Shultz states, “Alert Logic knew the challenges and benefits built into AWS. I had never seen a company that had actually tied its solution directly into AWS. It seemed like Alert Logic would make for a great partner.”

Alert Logic’s advanced AWS security features were also important. Shultz explains, “AWS was coming out with additional security features including a web application firewall, but we didn’t want to put all of our eggs in the Amazon basket. We felt it improved our security posture to have a third party outside of AWS providing our security and vulnerability scanning.”

The Results

Shortly after deployment, Alert Logic’s tight integration with AWS began to pay dividends. The information provided by Alert Logic allowed Escudero to take effective actions before cyber threats were detected. As a fast-growing company, BC in the Cloud faces resource challenges every day. Escudero notes, “Alert Logic has functioned like an extra IT person that is always there, looking at the log and monitoring traffic. Not having to dedicate resources to those functions has really helped our business. Our 24/7 resource is Alert Logic Professional, with vulnerability management, incident response, and log management. It has been especially helpful as we grow. Alert Logic has saved us thousands of dollars by enabling us to provide a robust IT security environment without adding additional, dedicated full time employees.”

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