Partnering with Alert Logic allows me to keep a leaner team. Also, instead of drowning in false positives, we only have to wake up at night when there’s an actual problem.

Wayne Moore, Head of Information Security

Simply Business is one of the UK’s biggest commercial insurance brokers. Their mission is to simplify insurance without compromising quality and cost and they have done so successfully, offering business and landlord insurance to over 400,000 customers.

The Challenge

With such rapid growth, Simply Business was looking for ways to improve their infrastructure with greater flexibility and faster deployment. Their answer to supporting their expanding business was AWS. With a drive for innovation and a strong DevOps approach, having the core foundational services of AWS showed great value to the company. But with a rapid deployment schedule came vulnerabilities in the process, and management felt compelled to enhance their overall security posture. 

Why we chose Alert Logic, was partly based on recommendation from Amazon themselves. We work very closely with Amazon to review our approch to Dev Ops. Secondly, we wanted visibility on threat to our web application. Our Dev Ops team has good control over what happens at the operating system level, but not much at the application level.

Wayne Moore, Head of Information Security

Why Alert Logic?

AWS recommended Alert Logic as a managed security provider to Simply Business, offering full stack protection and a holistic view of their AWS environment. Alert Logic helped Simply Business close the security gaps in their development process and provided complete visibility into threats affecting their business-critical applications.

The Results

The DevOps team can now focus on improving and deploying their web applications on schedule without compromising security measures. Wayne Moore, Head of Information Security, says he likes working with Alert Logic because they act as an extension of his team. Having security experts monitoring their environment 24×7 allows the company to focus on their strategic goals with the peace of mind knowing their web applications are protected.

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