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FireEye Competitors: Alert Logic vs. FireEye

Endpoint safeguards are essential for securing your business in the cloud, but as the cybersecurity threat landscape continuously evolves, many organizations find themselves looking for broader, more effective security solutions. This search will likely bring two solutions and top providers to the forefront – Alert Logic MDR and FireEye XDR.

However, it’s up to you to determine the best solution for your organization. If you’re looking to move beyond an EDR solution, for example, XDR isn’t for everyone. As useful as FireEye XDR can be, it falls short in several ways for organizations that lack sufficient in-house security skills. On the other hand, Alert Logic MDR provides you with a team of security experts to take the burden off your shoulders.

Compare a solution like FireEye with the Alert Logic MDR platform.

Key Considerations Alert Logic Logo Darktrace Logo
24/7 security coverage
Advanced threat intelligence
Flexible customization options
Mature MDR SOC service
Per-seat licensing fee
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Why Customers Choose…


Simplified XDR cybersecurity

FireEye gives you a control center for cloud security, surpassing your existing legacy tools. With email gateways, threat detection, and constant monitoring of applications such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, you have a complete view of any malicious web activity. Everything is easy to track and manage on screen.

Alerts for severe threats

Whenever a cyberattack or security breach arises, FireEye will notify your team, creating priorities with alert values and false positives. You can then move swiftly to incident response. SIEM brings big data into play while user and entity behavior analytics learn where new threats may strike.

24/7 endpoint protection

Frontline responders continue to shape FireEye’s commendable level of endpoint security. Phishing, ransomware, cross-site scripting, and other unsavory tactics can seriously harm your data integrity. However, this SaaS solution brings a ‘real-time indicator of compromise engine’ to bear, finding threats across artifacts, whether they’re connected or not.

A constantly evolving analysis

FireEye network security relies on a number of methods working in tandem across your business. Together, they guard you against future risks as well as existing ones. Emulation, code analysis, machine learning, and heuristic approaches align for a tool that keeps growing with you.

Alert Logic

White-glove MDR service

Our security professionals take the responsibility of defense off your hands, monitoring and responding to attacks, breaches, and risks immediately. You don’t have to worry about staying on top of threat detection – especially if you have a small security team or an immature SOC. Every day, we receive 140 billion logged messages across visibility for cloud, on-site, and hybrid environments.

Superior affordability

Unlike FireEye – which charges for every seat your security software requires – Alert Logic is priced on a service basis. You pay for the desired outcomes, not the size of your company or valuation. This makes your cybersecurity investments fair and more scalable.

Rapid application of fresh expertise

While regular security updates are great for endpoint and cloud platform protection, they cannot beat a team of experts working with hundreds of customers around the globe. Our more involved approach lets us adjust and investigate your system when we learn something new.

Clear access to security insights

Alert Logic assigns real humans to your account whenever you need them. But we also collect vital security data on an easy-to-digest dashboard, which shows the results of our findings across your technology stack. From Okta and Azure to Office 365, every integration is covered with detailed, automated reports.

Unrivaled Security for Your Cloud Journey


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Alert Logic At-A-Glance

What You Can Expect from Our MDR Solution:

  • A managed security solution that delivers the outcomes your organization demands
  • An award-winning platform, cutting-edge threat intelligence, and expert defenders all working together for you
  • 24/7 security operations and expert remediation advice
  • Flexible coverage tailored to your individual business needs
  • Simple pricing with a lower total cost than assembling and operating on your own

Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Security Solution

With so many choices on the market, making a start on the right investment can be difficult. Here are some factors to consider with respect to you and your organization: 

How do I know if a cybersecurity solution is right for my business?

First and foremost, it’s imperative to understand what you already manage successfully.

  • Do you document security policies?
  • Control limited access where required?
  • Regularly back up data or educate your employees about phishing, ransomware, etc.?

Spotting the holes in your current security frameworks gives you a better idea of what you’re looking to improve. Meanwhile, weigh cost and flexibility. Standout service packages should adapt to your organization now and in the future.

Which stakeholders should I bring into the decision process?

Everyone from IT technicians and data analysts to your sales and marketing teams will feel the impact of tighter cybersecurity. Talk to leaders from every department; they’ll provide a list of similar or divergent concerns and working practices, which should inform your decision. They’ll be responsible for making the solution a pervasive part of your culture. At the same time, if you aren’t the final decision-maker, you will need buy-in from C-level executives. 

What outcomes should I focus on?

The desired outcomes are driven by the nature of the problem(s) being addressed. For example, if you are looking to primarily solve a technology or compliance problem, then your priority would be to ensure that the provider you choose has a strong solution for technology and compliance. Or if the key problem surrounds people or processes, then the provider should have strong coverage in processes, risk, and governance. If it’s the lack of cybersecurity talent in the workforce, the provider should be able to show their requirements for hiring, retaining, and continually educating their technical staff. Ultimately, all issues derived should be addressable through the proper execution of People, Processes, and Technology (PPT). 

Which features should I prioritize?

By taking information from relevant department leaders, conducting internal audits, and comparing plans that can scale up or down with your objectives, you’ll have a firmer sense of the features that matter most. Of course, speed and support are always a priority. A broad list of integrated applications is another – the more diversity a vendor offers from day one, the easier you are able to protect new technology when you’re ready for it.  

“We would have needed multiple vendors on board to be able to do what we are doing with just Alert Logic. I would recommend Alert Logic, hands down.”

Lee Ramsey

Co-Founder of Pre-Fi

“Literally within 15 minutes, our Alert Logic SOC analyst called us to make us aware of some security threats and vulnerabilities that they detected right away.”

Edward Merrett

Security Operations and Incident Response Manager


Cybersecurity Team & Solution

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