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451 Research Report

Alert Logic continues to expand and evolve its MDR services and capabilities

Managed detection and response (MDR) providers are rapidly expanding and adapting their capabilities to detect and respond to threats, regardless of workload location or underlying technology. At the same time, MDR providers are seeking to simplify the user experience, address a greater number of compliance requirements, digest a broader scope of telemetry streams, augment technology and human intelligence, and grow and expand partnerships.

Following this recipe, Alert Logic has introduced a number of new capabilities and advancements to its MDR platform over the last few months. The company believes its consistent and rapid pace of innovation and cloud coverage helps to ensure organizations are well-equipped to address and adapt to the ever-evolving security landscape and improve business outcomes.

“[Alert Logic] appears to have momentum moving into the new year, and expansion of the platform’s capabilities and integrations to provide a broader range of incident response capabilities could prove to be beneficial for both its partners and enterprise customers.”

In this report you’ll discover:

  • The new capabilities and advancements to Alert Logic’s MDR platform
  • Why Alert Logic MDR is the most comprehensive solution for increasingly diverse IT ecosystems
  • How other service providers can scale their operations by partnering with Alert Logic

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