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Achieving XDR Outcomes with a Managed Approach

While there is no prevailing and accepted definition for XDR, the most common approach is tools-based. What is clear are the challenges that XDR is intended to address: to improve detection and response by achieving complete visibility, enabling cross correlation of multi-vector threats, and delivering rapid response through automation. 

In today’s dynamic threat landscape, the reality is that a combination of expertly executed tools and a skilled security team are crucial to realizing the full potential of tools. With a managed XDR approach, you can more effectively achieve the security outcomes you seek and strengthen your security posture.  

Our years of providing comprehensive managed security solutions have shown us that technology + people + processes is what delivers unrivaled security for our customers. 

During this expert-led discussion, we will cover:  

  • The need for broad coverage of all attack surfaces  
  • How to facilitate rapid and accurate detection and response  
  • How managed XDR can help bridge gaps in expertise on your team  
  • Considerations for determining if a managed approach is optimal for your business 
  • How using Fortra XDR can help you more effectively achieve your desired security outcomes 

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Presented by:

Angelica Villarreal

Angelica Villarreal

Former Director of Customer and Product Marketing Fortra's Alert Logic

Josh Davies

Josh Davies

Principal Technical Product Marketing Manager Fortra's Alert Logic