Cybersecurity in Financial Services: No One Can Afford a Cyber Attack

Financial organizations fall victim to cyber-attacks more frequently than any other industries. The growth in volume and sophistication of cyber-threats, combined with regulatory changes, mean that financial institutions are having to improve their IT security postures notably.

Facing modern cyber-threats head-on requires organizations to follow well-defined processes and mature IT security tools that need to be closely monitored and managed. Additionally, financial businesses handle highly confidential data that must be stored in a compliant manner and managed securely. A seamless combination of platform, threat intelligence, and expert services can provide a simpler, most cost-effective approach to security for all infrastructure and workloads across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Get the inside scoop on a new approach to threat management that gives financial organizations the right level of coverage for the right resources. Join our Security Architect Dan Pitman to learn more about this more effective approach to cybersecurity and threat management in the financial world.

Highlights Include:

  • The state of cybersecurity at financial institutions
  • Integrating security and compliance within Financial Services
  • Understand how today’s vulnerabilities are being exploited
  • Find out how to achieve the right level of leverage for the optimal level of investment

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