Emerging Threats, Hackers and Attackers: Stories from the SOC

Get Inside the Front Lines of Cyber Defense with the SOC Analysts Who Live There

Cyber attacks are ever-evolving and it can feel like you are struggling just to keep up. It’s time to get ahead of the game.

Join us for the latest attack trends and threat insights from Alert Logic’s own SOC analysts. You’ll hear what’s happening on the front lines of cybersecurity defense, and which attack vectors are worth watching out for. We’ll also discuss the costs of running your own SOC and share some alternative approaches to get 24/7 dedicated coverage and better intelligence than you can access on your own.

Staying continuously ahead of elusive assaults is a daily challenge security professionals face. To win, you need proactive threat monitoring, threat detection, and advice to stop threats quickly. You need the capabilities of a modern, fully-staffed SOC. With the Alert Logic threat intelligence team, you get an army of researchers on your side, creating the cutting-edge security data necessary to protect your organization against the latest threats. 24/7 expert defense, with no added staff, and no more sleepless nights.


  • Tom Gorup, Vice President, Security Operations
  • Ben Nguyen, Security Analyst 

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