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Multi-cloud vs Single Cloud: What the Market Is Telling Us 


With adoption of public cloud infrastructure more than doubling over the last five years, it’s no surprise that organizations face the challenge of defining a cloud strategy that can meet the demands of their business today while providing flexibility for scale and demands they will face in the future. A big question looms over organizations: Do you adopt a single cloud or a multi-cloud strategy? 

Join us for insights from an industry analyst and an executive perspective on where the market is trending and key strategic considerations for a multi-cloud strategy. During this session, Doug Cahill​, VP Analyst Services & Sr Analyst​ at ESG​, joins Alert Logic ​to:  

  • Explore the drivers and challenges of multi-cloud adoption 
  • Discuss the trends we’re seeing with cloud adoption including key considerations when defining a strategy 
  • Best practices for future successes in defining a cloud strategy 
  • Examine how MDR providers can help 

Presented by:

Doug Cahill

Doug Cahill

Vice President, Analyst Services and Senior Analyst, ESG


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