Stories from the SOC - Identifying an unknown, vulnerable website

This series of short webinars gives an insight into the inner workings of the Alert Logic security operations centre, hear about a variety of real-world incidents the experts in our SOC deal with daily.

Web and application attacks against vulnerable assets that you are aware of are enough a concern - but what if there are legacy assets present in your environment that you aren't aware of? We understand that infrastructure and migration projects move at such a rapid pace that it's often difficult to keep track of everything. In this webinar we'll see an example of how we can use Alert Logic's collected data, in conjunction with our elastic search capabilities, to uncover legacy assets, left behind in a cloud migration, but still active and visible to the Internet.

You’ll hear:

  • Real-world experiences and techniques used to defend against attempted attacks and breaches
  • Strategies to help you proactively identify and address high risk areas
  • The critical role a SOC plays in a 24/7 defensive cybersecurity strategy

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