Security Monitoring for Insight and Action

Alert Logic ActiveIntelligence is comprised of two teams who fuel the intelligence behind our technologies: the Threat Intelligence team and the Security Content team. The Threat Intelligence Team researches new and emerging cloud security threats and the Security Content team takes data delivered from the Threat Intelligence team, along with third party input, and creates the security content that is deployed.


We find the security threats and risks in your infrastructure, and we recommend the best course of action to take. Staffed by GIAC-certified analysts, the Alert Logic ActiveWatch managed network security model offers threat intelligence with 24x7 security monitoring, management, and expertise without the challenge of developing and maintaining an in-house security team.

Protect Web Applications

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) experts investigate malformed website requests to identify and implement required policy changes, respond to incidents, and provide ongoing tuning services.

Detect Security And Compliance Issues From Log Data

We automate the collection, aggregation, and normalization of log data across your entire environment.

Identify And Mitigate Network Threats

With our intrusion detection system (IDS) and vulnerability scan capabilities, we monitor your network traffic for suspicious activity, analyze identified incidents, and escalate according to your requirements.

The ActiveIntelligence Teams

The Security Content Team

The Security Content team manages internal and external security content that provides critical insight and additional fidelity to incidents.


  • Create, organize, and test security content to provide the most up-to-date protection
  • Handling threat intelligence data feeds and producing security content on the latest threats and breaches
  • Identifying the necessary signatures and related threat information when an outbreak or critical vulnerability is identified.
  • Responsibilities include developing Web Application Firewall (WAF) rules, generating log manager parsers, working with third part data feeds, creating correlation logic and performing statistical analytics

The Threat Intelligence Team

The Threat Intelligence team mines the cyber underground looking for information to feed the Security Content Team


  • Researching advanced persistent threats (APTs) and trending attacks
  • Profiling hacking groups
  • Monitoring for bugs, vulnerabilities, and exploits
  • Reverse engineering malware that was either submitted by a customer or downloaded from the underground
  • Mining known illicit sources for lost and stolen data


Reduced Cost:

We get you fully operational in days to weeks to manage your entire monitoring and security incident investigation process, for on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments. You can avoid the costly investment of hiring and training an internal security team.

Managed security, delivered as-a-service.

With our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, there isn’t any complex implementation or maintenance—just the latest security technology and GIAC-certified analysts working for you.

Security expertise for a swift recovery:

Improve your overall security posture and recover from breaches and compromises faster with dedicated help from security experts.

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