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Sub-Processor Listing

Who is a Sub-Processor?

Alert Logic uses certain sub-processors to support the delivery of our Services. A sub-processor is a third-party data processor engaged by Alert Logic who are authorized to process service data (which may contain personal data).

Sub-Processors Updates

As Alert Logic’s business grows and evolves, the sub-processors we engage may also change. If you/ your company would like to be notified of intended changes to this list, then please use the form below to join our distribution list. Once subscribed, you will receive notification of new Sub-processors that are authorized to process Personal Data on Alert Logic’s behalf.

The following is the current list (as of the date of this policy) of the names and locations of Alert Logic’s Sub-processors:


Entity Name Corporate Location Function
Amazon Web Services Seattle, WA Cloud hosting and storage services
Marketo San Jose, CA Marketing Automation Software
Salesforce San Francisco, CA Customer Relationship Management Software
Zendesk San Francisco, CA Customer Support portal
MailChimp Atlanta, GA Automated Service and Incident notifications
Auth0 Bellevue, WA Authentication Service provider
Alert Media Austin, TX Automated Service and Incident notifications
Atlassian Sydney, Australia Status Page
Niyuj Maharashtra, India Systems Support
Zorzo E Fragoso LTDA Vila Lucas Araujo, Brazil Systems Support
Winget Jardim Algarve, Brazil Systems Support

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