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Customer Experience

At Alert Logic, cybersecurity tailored to your environment and organization isn’t a separate feature or paid upgrade — our MDR solution is keenly focused on providing an exceptional customer experience and delivering the security outcomes you seek.

Through the personalized relationships we build with each customer and our use of data and analytics to protect your most critical assets, you will always have visibility into your security posture.

Our white-glove approach to security includes a dedicated team of experts, wholly committed to your success and delivering the greatest protection for your organization.

Joe Logic to Learn By
Lauren Logic to Learn By
Ronald Logic to Learn By

Hi! I’m your MDR Concierge.

As the dedicated customer success manager for your security journey, think of the MDR Concierge as an extension of your security team, here to ensure your business is getting the most value from our MDR solution.

“It’s my job to develop an intimate knowledge of your security objectives, challenges, and business goals, so I can advocate for you. I work with your extended Alert Logic First Team of experts to proactively make recommendations concerning your security posture, maintain a healthy state of visibility, and stay ahead of the bad guys!”

Lori Jackson

Introducing Your Alert Logic First Team

We are your team of experts dedicated to your protection! At Alert Logic, we understand that threats can happen anytime and anywhere, which is why our team works around the clock, continuously monitoring and identifying threats to give you peace of mind.

We’re in YOUR corner.

Mark Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst
Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst

“Available 24/7, I continuously monitor your security data, triage, and escalate security incidents to protect you from existing and emerging threats.”

Joe Veteran Security Ops Analyst
Veteran Security Ops Analyst

“I’m your single point of expertise — delivering individualized plans and tailored intelligence. I proactively identify and disrupt complex and sophisticated risks to your environments through threat hunting and advanced tuning techniques.”

Risk Security Expert

“I’m focused on scanning for risks and configuration errors present in your environment. Prevention is a critical component of our strategy, and I help you understand and mitigate those risks.”

Pamela Application & Platform Expert
Application & Platform Expert

“Don’t hesitate to contact me or one of my fellow experts for any issues or questions you have related to the Alert Logic application and platform.”

Threat Intelligence Researcher

“I research the threat landscape and replicate attacks to better prevent, detect, and remediate them while keeping your extended security operations team advised to better protect you.”

Mike Threat Intelligence Researcher
Web Application Specialist

“I’m a web application security expert constantly feeding vital information to your Alert Logic security team to ensure your apps are safe.”

Andrea Web Application Specialist
Data Scientist

“Analyzing data and uncovering emerging threats is my forte. If I identify a risk that needs investigating, I dig deep to learn more and share my findings so all customers can benefit from the intel.”

Guy Data Scientist
Security Content Engineer

“I keep the Alert Logic MDR portfolio current by releasing security updates every day, especially when threats occur.”

David Security Content Engineer
Exceptional Service from the Start

Meet Your Onboarding Experts

Ronald Account Executive & Solutions Engineer
Account Executive & Solutions Engineer

“We work with you to understand your security needs and challenges and design your optimal MDR solution.”

Lauren Implementation Project Manager
Implementation Project Manager

“I’m solely focused on creating a seamless implementation and delivery experience for you and your organization.”

Cynthia Implementation Architect
Implementation Architect

“I work directly with you to activate and configure your new services — ensuring you realize immediate value from the Alert Logic MDR solution.”

Even before your solution is live, the Alert Logic MDR onboarding experience is predicated on seamless, white-glove treatment that ensures our clients benefit from…
  • Trusted, knowledgeable partners throughout the discovery process
  • Full understanding of your current security posture, including risks, exposures, and complexities of your operations
  • Customized discovery and consultation to tailor your best service
  • Assurance in the effectiveness of the proposed solution to achieve your goals
  • Rapid time-to-value
  • Achievement of your desired outcomes

You’ve met your team, now consider the advantages:

  • Comprehensive and ongoing 24/7 monitoring and detection coverage of all your assets
  • Seamless coexistence within your security environment
  • Continuous data demonstrating service effectiveness
  • Alerts and instructions to improve your security posture before you even discover the threats
  • Automated tasks, freeing up your time
  • Weekly operations calls, ongoing reviews, and surveys
  • Dedicated technical support and engineers
  • Unrivaled expertise in cloud-based security
  • Compliance support
All of this, from the only MDR provider that delivers comprehensive coverage for public clouds, SaaS, on-premises, and hybrid environments. Our cloud-native technology and white-glove team of security experts protect your organization 24/7 to ensure you have the most effective response to resolve whatever threats may come.
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