The digital age has brought many opportunities for businesses to grow and innovate. But as technology evolves, so do cyberattacks.

In 2021, malware infections and data breaches are becoming more and more common, resulting in high profile breaches such as those we’ve seen with SolarWinds, Microsoft Exchange, and the Colonial Pipeline. These attacks, and those that may not make headline news, can interrupt business operations, steal sensitive information, damage reputation, or sometimes do all three.

The bottom line: cybersecurity threats and attacks result in a loss of revenue.

Steps can be taken to mitigate and reduce risk to your network and endpoints, but in the end, no protection is foolproof. Businesses that want to limit the potential impact of a breach need to treat them as an eventuality rather than merely a possibility. This is why organizations that focus exclusively on prevention will ultimately fail. Those that do will find that the best way to anticipate these threats and respond proactively is to have a means for breach detection. If they aren’t able to do all that themselves, then they have the option to protect the business using MDR.

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What is MDR?

Managed Detection and Response, or MDR, is a cybersecurity service that integrates a curated set of technologies, advanced analytics, and human expertise in a single service managed by the provider, ensuring that all of the components remain current, updated, functioning, and working seamlessly together. MDR solutions identify and rapidly respond to anomalies and potential breaches, and this quick detection of incidents allows MDR to contain, investigate, and remediate issues, ultimately minimizing any damage.

Compared to other security systems, MDR is much more proactive at analyzing systems and monitoring potentially dangerous activities.

MDR can protect your business by not only employing advanced analytical tools that monitor events happening on the network, but also utilizing human expertise to provide an additional layer of analysis against alert data. Together, they’re capable of recognizing malicious behavior and responding to it in minutes or hours (rather than weeks or months).

Analysis of many recent breaches proves that some threats can bypass traditional security measures like firewalls and antivirus software. When used in conjunction with other services, MDR provides an added layer of security to your network, giving you increased protection against cyberattacks.

How Does MDR Work?

Traditional security platforms are based on rules, signatures, and sequences, and most all of them focus only on left of boom (before a successful breach). But as threats grow more sophisticated, bad actors find ways to bypass those rules using attack vectors the current security system didn’t anticipate.

True MDR solutions stand apart in that they should also address right of boom (after a successful breach). With the benefit of human expertise that MDR provides, it’s able to respond quickly and aggressively to help minimize any potential or existing damage. Dedicated experts in a Security Operations Center (SOC) monitor network activity 24/7, responding to critical threats as they happen.

How MDR Protects Businesses of Any Size

No matter how large or small your company is, undetected threats can cause irreparable damage to your business. Cybersecurity is vital to any organization, and MDR can help mitigate damage for any type of business.

MDR for Large Businesses

Even large businesses with advanced security measures are vulnerable to attacks. The past few years have seen headlines with global corporations experiencing massive data breaches. And further, according to a 451 Pathfinder Report, 52% of organizations have experienced an increase in the number of information security incidents following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Cyber threats are also becoming more frequent and more complex. Undetected, these attacks can result in data leaks, damage to a brand, and a loss of revenue. Under these new circumstances, there has never been a greater need for managed detection and response.

MDR combines automated detection technology with human intelligence to identify and respond to significant threats, virtually in real time. With 24/7 visibility, the MDR provider will monitor your whole network, ensuring every asset is safe and secure throughout the business’s system.

MDR for Small Businesses

It may come as a shock to learn that small businesses actually suffer the bulk of all cyber attacks. Attacking targets like healthcare and critical infrastructure are starting to give the bad actors a black eye, and there is data to suggest that security breaches are trending more toward SMBs than in previous years.[1] Small business owners are already juggling enough responsibilities, and cybersecurity doesn’t have to be one of them.

While smaller companies don’t have the resources of large corporations, they still have access to valuable (and sensitive) customer data. MDR for small business can supplement existing security and IT measures, providing additional defense and protection for your business. It allows your company to be proactive in finding, stopping, and responding to cyber threats before it’s too late.

Using an MDR service also allows small businesses to upgrade their security so they can focus on what matters — growing the business.



Going a Step Further

While most MDR services focus their efforts right of boom, Alert Logic MDR provides proactive preventive measures, detecting vulnerabilities before they’re exploited, and working to seal up the gaps in the system’s defenses. These specialized before and after services offer more comprehensive protection, mitigating many of the potential risks to the network.

Your business and your data are essential, and Alert Logic will work with you to protect your network and vital assets. We deliver effective MDR solutions that reduce cyberattacks and protect your system 24 hours a day. Request a demo with us and give your business the ultimate layer of protection.

[1] 2021 Verizon DBIR

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